A Brief Encounter: Part Three

Author’s Note: I think I failed to make clear how these parts are ordered.  They take place between the Year Two Episode Amok Time and Mirror, Mirror.  In the first posting we come in right after Spock has fought Kirk “for the possession of the woman T’Pring”.  Followed next by the episode, Who Mourns Adonis, then on to The Changeling.

There  is much debate within Treklore as to the proper order of the shows.  They were not broadcast in any particular order as some episodes required more post-production work than others which led to delays.  I mean, back in the 60’s you couldn’t just Photoshop in Adonis’ green hand o’pure energy.

I have decided to go by CBS’s Trek schedule.  They do have one or two episodes missing or out of order, but in the long run I can live with it.  Same disclaimer from part one applies.

Apollo’s “grip” had caused some minor structural damage to the hull of the Enterprise and Starbase sixteen was the closest planet that had both repair and shore facilities. After both Scotty and the Captain consulted the dock yard, they were informed that the Enterprise would be out of commission for at least a week.

It also, unfortunately, coincided with an outbreak of Scalosian Flu.  More than half the crew, including the Captain came down with it, leaving the doctor with no other option but to quarantine the ship.  Of the 428 or so souls on board, 135 miraculously escaped exposure.  They were immediately ordered down to the planet where the scant shore facilities were instantly overrun.

Spock, usually adverse to shore leave in general, wished only to remain, a request which the good doctor both grumpily and happily denied.  Being the last one off the ship had its drawbacks, too and unfortunately for him he was the only one left without a place to stay.

“Are you certain that there is nothing available?”

“I’ve checked, Commander; the only place open is the cold storage facility, but that is being reserved for the delegation from Snowdonia; they must remain partially frozen at all times.”

Spock had just turned his head to think of another alternative when he saw Lieutenant Uhura struggling with a quantity of luggage.  He moved to offer her his assistance.

“Are these all yours, Lieutenant?”

“Oh! Mr. Spock, hardly.  Only this case is mine; the other three bags belong to Lieutenant Palmer.”

“And Lieutenant Palmer leaves you to struggle on your own?”

“Of course not!  Palmer forgot her bathing suit and beamed back up to get it and got stuck on board shortly after the quarantine was imposed.  Doctor McCoy will not let her off the ship.  I’ve had the Scalosian flu before and it is not pretty.  Have you ever had it, sir?”

Doctor McCoy, when mentioning the catalog of diseases he desired to see thrust upon the first officer, never failed to point out that he, as a Vulcan, was probably immune.  Just once Spock would have liked to oblige the doctor by coming down with something horrible and putrid if only for the satisfaction of proving the doctor wrong.

Regrettably, I have not,” he said, crossing his arms at his chest.

Uhura thought that she saw something akin to mischievousness flash across his face, but said nothing; he would only deny it in the end.

“So, where are you staying, Mr. Spock?  Here in the hotel or in one of the bungalows down by the lake.”

“At the present moment that is still somewhat up in the air.  The entire resort is at capacity.  Beaming back aboard the Enterprise might be preferable to sleeping out of doors.”

She smiled, reaching out to touch his forearm.  “Then it looks like you’re in luck, Mr. Spock; you may have Lieutenant Palmer’s room.

He looked down at her hand resting on his sleeve.  “That seems a logical alternative.”

Uhura had to laugh then.  A human would have first asked if they were an imposition; Spock was obviously not going to use his human half that day.


The hotel’s hover-limo drove them to a secluded area on the other side of the resort’s grounds.  It was a private bungalow on a crystal clear forest lake with lush green foliage all around.

“Gorgeous,” she exclaimed upon exiting the craft.  “Will you look at that water; I can’t wait to get my feet wet.”  On the opposite side of the vehicle, Spock tipped the driver one credit and collected their bags while Uhura continued to exclaim.  “And will you look at that, there’s a fire pit.”  She hugged herself; she was now even more excited.  “We’ll light it tonight and invite all of our friends down for a barbecue.”

“A bar-be-cue?

She gestured with her hands.  “A barbecue is sort of an impromptu—.”

“I know what a barbecue is, Lieutenant; I was merely questioning the necessity of such an activity.”

She made a defiant stance by placing her hands on her hips.  “Oh come on, Mr. Spock, we have to throw a party tonight!  We are the only two senior officers on the planet and we have a private cottage with a private beach all to ourselves and everyone else is stuck up in that crowded, boring hotel; it’s the least we could do.”

“I have heard that a barbecue often requires large quantities of grilled meat.  I would find the odor quite distasteful.”

“So we’ll grill vegetables, then,” she said as she stepped towards him, weaving both her arms around his.  “Please… pretty please.”  She teased him by batting her eyelashes playfully.

He looked down at the position of her body and her arms.  Then he glanced away and thought about it for a long moment.

“As I have never participated in a barbecue before, what do you require of me?”

Knowing that she now had him, she grinned and tugged, propelling them both toward the bungalow door.

“First, lets get settled, and then we will have to find some sort of market.  Let me see, we’ll need beer for one… and lots of food.  I tell you what, I will take care of the food and the preparation and you take care of the alcohol and issuing the invitations.  Deal?”

Spock had no idea what he was getting himself involved in, but he nodded.

She released her hold on him to key in the door code.  Stepping in she immediately started to look around excitedly.

He entered after her, looking right into a small open-plan kitchen and left into a small parlor.  Satisfied with what he saw, he then set the bags on the floor and instantly took out his computer tablet and sat down on a stool at the counter.

“No you don’t, Buster, put that away,” she said, turning from her study of the adjoining rooms.  “Hasn’t anyone ever told you that all work and no play makes Spock a very dull boy.”

He did not look up from the screen.  “I have never been nor never shall be a boy.”

“It’s only a saying, Mr. Spock.  Now put that down and bring the bags over here and let’s decide on who gets which room.”

One room was large, with an en-suite bath with a jetted tub and a huge closet, while the other was somewhat smaller and less fully-featured.

Following her back into the larger room, he said, “I will take the other.”  He sat her bag down on the king-sized bed.

Uhura, while moving to open her bag, rolled her eyes, clearly telling him with her incredulous expression: as if!

Seeing the look on her face, Spock raised an eyebrow.

“One can only assume that if Lieutenant Palmer were here, you both would have had some sort of verbal altercation to see who received the larger room.”

“No matter what you choose to believe, human females are very civilized, Mr. Spock; we would have flipped an old-style coin for it… or fought in some sort of broadcast alien elimination match…scantily clad.”

She unzipped her bag then and took out a long sheer black night gown to hang up in the closet.

Spock cleared his throat and quickly exited, silently chastising himself for lingering too long in a human female’s room.

To be continued – yes, you read that correctly… I’ve walked right into this story and refuse to leave!  Ugh.


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    • You know I love ZQ, I really love him; but my Spock will always be The Nimoy. It’s easy to write Cute!Spock stories when you love the character most passionately.

    • I don’t know why I even wrote that line. It was totally out of character, but seemed appropriate for some reason.

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