Wait a minute… could it be?


Potential?  This requires further study.

Yes, I see him now.  There he is.  I think I may have just found my Selkek!


11 thoughts on “Wait a minute… could it be?

  1. Good grief he’s gorgeous!!! I think he makes a perfectly LOVELY Selkek and I’m already imagining him in that towel that Jenusia mom caught him donning. Thanks for the visual.

    • What happened was I was just randomly searching the web for something else (can’t remember what… probably ZQ photos) and I saw this photo and it was like I “recognized him” as Selkek immediately.

  2. Sorry! Double-post. I have just realised he is Jake 2.0 – possibly one of my total fave sci fi series ever. It was awesome.

    • I haven’t really seen any of the shows he is in. I may have seen him on UB once in passing, but then, I don’t watch that show to begin with.

      And his bone structure is perfect for a Vulcan. I love casting my stories with real people. 🙂

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