A Brief Encounter: Part deux

Author’s note: Well Nikki, 30 minutes ago you asked for more.  Your wish is my command.  Here’s a little snip-it just for you!

“I saw your face; you were offended!”

“Offense is a human emotion; where there is no emotion there can be no offense.”

“Tell it to someone who will believe you, Mr. Spock.  I for one, do not.  You flinched; don’t try to deny it.  I sit next to you every single day and I’ve noticed things about you that others have never noticed before.  And believe me, there was an expression on your face at that very moment.  Insult plus flinch equals offense!”

“By my calculations, insult plus no emotion equals zero; therefore, your conclusion is flawed.”

“Then I’ll stick to my supposedly flawed conclusions until my dying day.”

Seeing that they were getting nowhere with the current discussion, Spock changed to another.

“Your work today on the bypass circuit was exemplary.”

“My, my; two compliments in one day.  You really know how to flatter a girl.  You’d better watch it, Mr. Spock; someone just might report you to the Vulcan Anti-Emotion Squad.”

“Flattery is unnecessary where true skill is involved.  Flattery is illogical.”

Uhura rolled her eyes.  That statement just cried out for some sort of sarcastic response but she somehow held her tongue.

The doors to the recreation room opened and Christine entered, waved in the direction of their table, but she did not approach.  Instead, Christine joined Lieutenant Kyle in a game of Kal-Toh.  Uhura bit her lip while giving Spock a fleeting glance before she looked away.

“I took your advice, Lieutenant.”

Relieved, Uhura’s head snapped back.  “Oh, good; I admit, I’m glad you brought it up.  I was curious as to how things now stand.”

“Miss Chapel and I, I believe, understand each other and have reached an accord.  I explained my nature as a Vulcan and hopefully she understood what I was communicating.  It is hoped that she will direct her attentions in a more favorable direction.”

“These things do happen,”  Uhura said, sipping her tea.  “You know, we’re all on a ship, in close quarters; a bit of familiarity is bound to happen.   Besides, she’s always had a sweet spot for Kyle and Kyle has had a crush on her for ages.”  She nodded in their direction.  “They do look rather cute together.  Just think of all those blonde, blue-eyed babies.”

It was now Spock’s turn to roll his eyes.  “I will never understand, Miss Uhura, the human female’s proclivity to first talk of friendship, and then leap to matrimony and babies in the next sentence.”

“And I will never understand the Vulcan belief that they can never be offended.”  Uhura purposely took a long slow sip from her cup, a Cheshire Cat-like grin blossoming over her face.  She did her best to suppress her laughter, but when he raised a single eyebrow slowly in her direction she could no longer resist.  “You do look like Pan.”

“I do not.”

“Do, too!”

“I do not.”


Uhura thought he resembled a petulant school boy as he angled his body away from her, while crossing his arms. And he sat there in silence for a good ten minutes as she calmly sipped her tea and read her book.  He was so silent and still that she almost forgot that he was there.  Almost… until he quietly spoke again.



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  1. Oh I LOVE these two and their bickering, lol. Thank you for that tasty morsel. I hope that there is MORE cooking somewhere in that great big brain of yours. If you keep this up, I might stop complaining and whining about FTLOJ and Full Circle, but don’t bet on it. I think it will only serve to increase my affection through whatever suspenseful arts and allurements to combine Mr. Collins and Lady Catherine’s accusations.


    • There is more… 12 pages more. Ughhhh! How do I get myself into these predicaments? Still your fault you know!

    • It’s just one of those days for both of us. 🙂

      The snow just came on by itself; it’s a WordPress thing. I can turn it off but I’m too lazy to figure out how, so I just changed the theme instead.

  2. AWESOME! This is the first time I’ve asked for more and it actually happened! Me = Spoiled Rotten.

    I love this, I can totally see them getting closer. I love the arguments and the gaudy robes. Vulcan robes are always described so regally. It’s a nice change to see that even a few Vulcans have some issues with style and taste.

    • Now, you are to be spoiled to the core. Part three is up for your amusement.

      Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it!

    • Thank you, Hilda! I tell, after the day I’ve had, I was really seriously considering not writing Spuhura fiction anymore, I was just that over it. Your nice comment saved me from making a mistake, I think. 🙂

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