I have defected…

… but in a good way.

Candace (of Musings of a Daydreamer fame) has permitted a story of mine to take over a small portion of her blog.  I have written a vignette for her story, An Illogical Woman, hijacking her characters and bending them to my will.  The chapter titled The More Things Change was authored by yours truly.

And before anyone asks, yes, Full Circle was made to suffer this last week for that very reason.  But consider, readers of FTLOJ have been made angry by the existence of SPAT, so there’s enough story abandonment by me to go around for all. 🙂

OK, OK, I will work on Full Circle today and try to have it ready to go tomorrow (emphasis on the word “try”)  However, I must confess, I do feel a wave of food gorging induced laziness coming on.

BTW:  The story is password protected on my blog (for now).  Since it is truly Candace’s story, you should read it there first.


3 thoughts on “I have defected…

  1. Hiya!

    Just read Candace’s blog, I really enjoyed your story, particularly the way you wove in the TOS episodes and Spock Prime’s past. And Spock(s) doing dishes! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • WooHOO! Just wanted to take this moment to acknowledge that you have made the 1000th comment on this blog. Hmmm? Seems that there should be some sort of prize for this.

      Glad you liked the story, but alas, I already see things I want to change. Never satisfied.

      • Ooooooh! Excitement! How about a 1000 word selkek drabble as a prize for all the lovely folks who comment on the blog?

        P x

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