Happy Star Trek DVD Release Day!

There I was up at the crack of dawn (8 o’clock…hardly a crack) standing in front of Target (late for work) in a line…


I know, amazed me as well.  Surely all these people can’t be waiting for the Star Trek DVD, I said.  Turns out, they WEREN’T!  I was the only one waiting… like a crazy person!  THEY were all there for some toy?!?!?  I sort of got a clue when they all turned to the right at the toy department and I kept going straight towards electronics… BY MYSELF!

So, I guess I was the only one excited about the DVD.  Stupid toy lovers!  I don’t even know what toy they were looking for.  They didn’t even get it.  I heard the clerk say “they didn’t have any.”  Any of what?

But back to Target (for those of you in the UK, think M&S… or is that more like Macys?  Perhaps Target is more like Selfridges… do they still have those?)  Anyway, Target has EXCLUSIVE Special Edition packaging for their Star Trek DVDs.  Check this out!

Back in the car at 8:05. V. excited. Had to take a photo.

Look, it's the bloomin' Enterprise! (Sorry, Hornblower moment)

Look, it's the bloomin' Enterprise! (sorry, Hornblower moment)

ANd when you open it up, guess what's inside!

And when you open it up, guess what's inside!

I know, right!  I’ve been geeking out all day.  Plus, it has a digital copy included (which is currently downloading to my iTunes).  That’s great because I though I was going to have to buy a separate one just for my iPod… yes, to carry with me everywhere… like a crazy person!  But now I have a free one.  Forealsies, babe, forealsies.

OK, gotta run, I have a movie to watch.  Again.  This has been a fun day!


18 thoughts on “Happy Star Trek DVD Release Day!

  1. Okay dearest. That was hysterical. I’m very glad that you can now watch the Qunito AS LONG AND AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE. I’m still not mad at ‘cha, lol.

    Love the Enterprise. I’ll have to mosey over to Target tomorrow to check out their selection.

  2. What?!?! Wait a minnit…. you mean it’s the exact same content as the version at Amazon, except the Target version also includes a model of the Enterprise?? with two discs and features like a gag reel, outtakes, featurettes on aliens and casting, behind the scenes?

    • Yes, same version, same extras and an Enterprise model to boot. Costs more, though, (26.99 vs your 19.99) but we (lunatic type) Trekkers don’t care about that sort of thing. Does the Amazon one come with the Digital Download of the film as well? If not, that might explain the extra $$. I also hear that the Best Buy special edition has the four Enterprise badges. These marketing ploys to get people to buy: genius!

  3. Ooooooo! I broke down and bought the blue ray three disc set on amazon.com AND a blue ray player on the cheap so that I can watch Spuhura and the lens flares in HD!!! They come tomorrow. I am tempted to stay home and wait till the mail man comes. I found out about the collectors set too late and amazon had sold out. But, now I see that target has the little enterprise holder. I guess it would be wasteful to go get another set just for the enterprise toy. 😦 Maybe for Christmas I’ll break down and buy the Spock and Uhura barbies and the Princess Tiana barbie too. (I can’t wait until Dec 11. I have to shop for my tiara.)

    • Funny you mention the lens flares. I have been hearing the grumbling about them throughout the blogosphere for the last few months and to be perfectly honest, I never noticed them when I saw the film in the theater. However, on my little 19″ TV screen I’m practically blinded by them. Still love the film, but a big distraction!

      If you want the Enterprise holder, find someone who wants the film and will let you have the Enterprise holder. Fair warning, it doesn’t come with a DVD case so you will have to trade that, as well.

      OK, off topic… (WARNING: possible DVD spoilers)

      I do have some major pet peeves about the DVD (already). Did they really have to put the Transformers trailer on there first thing? I hate those movies with the passion of a thousand burning suns. If I could somehow take a needle to that part of the DVD I would scratch it out.

      And did anyone get a HUGE Planet of the Apes vibe when the Romulans where in Rura Penthe? I can see why they took that part out of the film. The costume designer must have been channeling it big time!

  4. Uuuuuuuurrrrgggghhh. Still not got it. Wannnnnnnt.

    Still, when we do get it, chances are it’ll be on BluRay, so I can ogle Spock’s ears in all their full HD glory. Mmmm.

    • What are you waiting for, girlfriend? Get thee to “a department store near you!”

      But seriously, don’t rush. I am currently of Star Trek overload. For example: watched some of the DVD during my lunch break yesterday, came home, put it in the DVD player in living room, re-watched the same part I saw a work. Paused it. Went to my desk and downloaded the digital copy into itunes. Watched the other half of the movie on iTunes. Synched it to my iPod. Watched the second half of the movie back in the living room. Finally went to bed… with the iPod, watched about 30 minutes of the beginning again. Took iPod to work, “listened” to entire movie while working this morning, then listened to ST soundtrack… yes, overload!

      • LOL. I haven’t watched the special features yet. I just watched the film and oohed and awed over the little details I had not seen before.

        I think I was too keen on playing with my new blue ray player, because then I downloaded and watched the Polar Express and Monty Python’s the Quest for the Holy Grail. Then I watched Journey to Babel while attempting to write chapter 4 of Mail Order Bride. I figured I needed more Sarek time. Then I squealed over the awesomeness of that episode, the hotness of Nimoy in HD, the BAMFness of Sarek and his cute relationship with Amanda.

        But I agree about the Transformer’s preview. It looked like they used my old school Yale for some of the university shots in the promo. That made me angry. I hate that my alma mater is associated with the travesties that are GW Bush and Transformers!

      • I haven’t watched all of the special features, only the cast interviews and the deleted scenes. I’m saving the rest for a cold winter’s night.

        **snort* I was watching Journey to Babel today, too! Great minds think alike. I was watching it (not that I need an excuse) because I’m stealing a couple of lines from it for “that story” that we discussed. (which, I must say, is coming along swimmingly… yes, totally ignoring the edits to FC for the time being) Will be emailing you soon!!!

  5. Heck!

    My cuz and wife were over eating a meal all evening, preventing my raid on the hot, damp, Amazon package. It is in my hand right NOW!

    See you in a week or so…

  6. This is YOUR fault! Without your post, I would have been blissfully ignorant of the Target edition. Instead, I made a special trip to Target tonight…. and I bought the LAST ONE ON THE SHELF! The plain-wrap version was cheaper at Amazon, but of course I could not resist the plastic model of the Enterprise. Sigh…

  7. Just noticed that your boyfriend (Quinto) has the same descent that I have (half-Irish/half Italian). Have now read and grudgingly enjoyed spat. Teasing, teasing woman–I’m still waiting for you know what.

    • You crack me up, M! “grudgingly enjoyed SPAT”, eh? I know, a poor substitute for FTLOJ to some, but I have got Spuhura on the brain and can not let it go.

      It’s just like “the old days” when we were all still reeling from the magic that was The Firth. It will settle down soon enough. I’m looking forward to the day when I fondly recall the days that I “used to” write Star Trek fan fic.

      • Well, as much as I love it, I can not write this stuff forever. Heart’s Guardian will be my last Star Trek story, I’m afraid. I have totally neglected my JA fan fic readers. I’ll probably never get them back. 😦

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