I’ve actually started to get my Jane Austen groove back

I know, I know, my mind has been completely taken over by Zachary Quinto Star Trek the last few months.    Hard to believe that the film came out in May and now, here it is November and the DVD drops tomorrow.

I was in the store this afternoon and I saw the empty shelves where the Star Trek video would go at midnight and I got all warm and fuzzy and excited.  But $19.99.  That seems a bit high.  I’ll check out Target; Target always has some kind of amazing release day deal going on (and I REFUSE to shop at Wal-mart… I don’t care if they are selling it for a penny, I don’t shop at Wal-Mart!)

But back to JAFF.  Yes, I just might be getting my JA grove back.  Of course, I’m sure there will be a minor relapse over the next few days (after I watch the DVD 20 times… and then buy the iTunes version so I can watch on my lunch hour, only to come home and pop the DVD back in… who am I kidding, it’s going to be in the DVD player already!)




And here I must stop.  I started to write a JA related post, and I only talked about Star Trek .  Clearly my head is still stuck in outer space.

I am so pathetic.