The next chapter of Full Circle is up, late as usual

If I didn’t have this insatiable need to pick…

So, this is how I write:  As I have said in some previous post, I write all the dialogue down first (it’s like a running conversation in my head).  After that, I go back and add all the actions.  I actually hate that part of writing because I am so very lazy about it (that is why I want to be a screenwriter… nothing but dialogue for the most part… let the director worry about where someone places their hands.

Then I let the story sit, and sit, and sit a little more.  Usually at this point I start working on the next chapter, putting down all my ideas and key points so I don’t forget.  I also do this at other odd times.  I get an idea, like at work, and write it down on a post-it or on a sheet of paper.

After the bones of the next few chapters are laid out, I start getting nit-picky.  This is always problematic because I am NEVER satisfied, that is why I say the story is finished, but in my head, it really isn’t because I haven’t finished being “clever”.

It’s strange, but I can only post when I get a “certain feeling” that tells me to post.  Sometimes this voice is correct, sometimes it is not.  I think this has more to do with anxiety than anything.  I post because “the voice” is “pressuring me” to post.

I hope this gives you a little more understanding as to why I am often lagging behind in posting.  As Han Solo would say, “It’s not my fault!”