The real reason why the Selkek story has not been posted yet

And I distinctly remember saying to myself (just yesterday in fact) that I was NOT going to that “Daily ZQ” photo site anymore because I find myself spending far too much time there just looking at photo’s (of him) that I have already seen countless times (i.e. burned into my retinas).

last-oneYet, I just had to click when I got home from work (and while I was talking to my brother on the phone… multitasking… his three kids and wife are all dressing up as Wizard of Oz characters for Halloween…I know, right!  Super cute!) and there this photo was.  I can not believe I have never seen it before!

Anyway, Selkek… I want to rewrite the beginning of the story (because I think I was on crack when I wrote that part as it now makes absolutely no sense)  so hopefully late-ish tonight or early tomorrow morning before I drive up to Richmond for the entire day.

And get this, the story has no real title.  The original title: “Tea with Selkek” has nothing to do with the story anymore as I changed the “tea” part to a lunch with Selkek.  I know, I suck!