Guess which story is nearly ready to be posted?

You’re wrong!  Heart’s Guardian is nowhere close to being finished and the next chapter of For the Love of Jane requires editing. 

That leaves Selkek’s lovely self as the winner.

What can I say, it wrote itself.  And Selkek is so easy to get along with and he just cooperates.  Prepare yourself, it’s not all peaches and cream.  It’s a little sad and has the subversive ending that I have been longing to give one of my stories all along which no one has let me get away with.  This comes of finishing a story first and NOT posting chapters where commenters let their opinions be known causing weak authors (i.e. me) to wimp out and cave. 

Well, not today!

Plus, I have to get Selkek’s story out there before Heart’s Guardian makes its appearence since some of the action in that story harkens back to my Selkek story.

I’m putting the finishing touches on it now on my lunch break and I hope to have it ready to post tonight.  V. excited to see what you all think and wanting to see if I can make you scream.


4 thoughts on “Guess which story is nearly ready to be posted?

  1. No, no!!!! Selkek needs a HAPPY ending! C’mere, Selkek baby — let me protect you from that subversive author…

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