Look at what’s finally coming to my house

Other than my high school alumni T-shirt


Shut up!

OK, so for now, it’s just Spock and Uhura (Kirk will have to wait as I am not made of gold-pressed latinum).

But here’s the good news, they are currently on sale at the Barbie site.  I know, right!

This is probably the last time this year I will have discretionary spending, so I had to move now.  Next week when I’m back to paying rent, I’ll probably be mad at myself, but I will endeavor not to have buyers remorse.

I promise, no backyard pantomimes where I act out all the kissing scenes from my  favorite fics!


6 thoughts on “Look at what’s finally coming to my house

    • But being a Barbie Collector of old, I know that the photographs never so them justice. I have one of the “designer edition” dolls and when it came in the mail, I was STUNNED at how beautiful it was compared to the photo. So, Spock might actually be rather Quintoish.

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