Look, a Jane Austenesque type post

So. I’ve been watching Emma  thru episode three.  While there are some cringe inducing moments (especially with Ms. Garai and certain “faces”)  – but, I have to say, on a whole, it’s not so, very bad.


But,  but… Emma’s wardrobe is horrendous! She looks like the parlour boarder.

All I can say in my defence…  Hello, Mansfield Park!


8 thoughts on “Look, a Jane Austenesque type post

  1. Well, as you know, I’m not overly impressed (except with JLM as Mr Knightley – I’ve long had a soft spot for him), but I do think I’ve been overly harsh in my reviews. It’s not DIRE, but would be vastly improved if RG acted Emma more like a lady.

    • I can see where a lot of people would not like it – it does have an ackwardness about it – like the casting is off or something. It hasn’t really touched my “Danger, Will Robinson” button just yet – like Fanny in Mansfield park just URKED me to no end. We all have what we will let slip by without making us angry. This Emma is fortunate with me so far.

    • No, this is the new Emma with Romola Garai, Jonny Lee Miller and Michael Gambon… who is not my idea of Mr Woodhouse.

    • I read it and it was AWESOME!!! I was just being lazy about posting a link. It was one of the best written stories – very mature in a grownup, complex way (not “mature” in the other way)

      When Nyota is in his study and sees the Anouk Ashmai book peeking out from the clutter on his desk and he comes in and sees her looking at it and then she finds out that he had the book to give to his mother… le sigh!

      I could go on, and on and on…. about the story!!!

      • I KNOW! It’s so good. I’m thinking about rereading Miscommunication too. There seems to be a little *good fic* drought. It’s getting harder to fund the good stuff

        Maybe you could do something about that! lol!

  2. I was working on Heart’s Guardian today at lunch and lamenting over my stiff, wooden dialog. Yes, that awful! Nothing from me for a while, I’m afraid. 😦

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