As actually seen on Heroes…


And The Quinto was all, like serious:  Me? Handsome?  WTF?  Worse acting ever!

OK, so the acting wasn’t that bad, but did the writers really expect “us” to believe such a ridiculous line?

Anyway, I’m giving up on Heroes.  4 episodes in and I have never been so bored.  I personally could care less about Hiro, and the carnie, and Peter running himself to death.  I want Nathan back NOW!  In the right body and Claire’s father skulking down back alleys.  Then again, I’m still pissed off at NBC for canceling LIFE with Damian Lewis.


4 thoughts on “As actually seen on Heroes…

  1. Ach, heroes went down hill I agree. I am a HUGE Adrian Pasdar fan and loved a short-lived series of his called “Mysterious Ways”. In fact, it was pretty much him that got me watching, although I think he got some teeth veneers that made him look a bit alarming in Heroes.

    Hope you had a fab road trip, the FLR building looks amazing, wonderful fall trees too.

  2. Yeh, Heroes lost its appeal towards the end of the first season for me, with the eclipse and Hiro traveling back to feudal Japan – so around the time of the second season premiere I was already over it. Last year I did not watch it at all – only to get bored with the boring summer fare which made me watch it on Towards the end, the whole Nathan P / Sylar switch story line was interesting. But now it’s another slow start. I’ll let it go for now, but catch back up with it on Hulu during the summer.

    • Well, worth watching for The Quinto, not worth watching for his bad story arcs. I’m ready to see him in something else; preferably a comedy.

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