An update on my personal Zachary Quinto ban

It’s NOT working!


I seem to be actually thinking of him more.

My life is so sad!

BTW:  Did you know that there is a website where they post a DAILY Zachary Quinto photo?



6 thoughts on “An update on my personal Zachary Quinto ban

  1. That’s a new one on me!

    Just been watching a video on YouTube of some woman claiming to be an accent coach yet doing the most AWFUL English accent (reall-ih ver-ih aw-uful), which reminded me of a video I saw a while ago with ZQ in some show with Matthew Fox (double swoon!), ZQ doing a similarly dreadful English accent.

    When’s the trip to Falling Water?

    • Yeah, I saw that video, too. I love ZQ, but the accent was horrible! HORRIBLE!!! Falling Water… I’m getting ready to head out the door at anytime now. Just downloading the map now.

      I’ve got a 6 hour drive to look forward to. But the car has been prepped, the oil changed, etc. and I just got back from the carwash center a little while ago because I HATE traveling in a filthy car! All that’s left is to pack my travel bag. I love a good road trip!

  2. Oh dear. Well, to quote Meg Ryan from the movie, French Kiss, maybe you should ‘just go ahead and wallow in it–get your fingers all pruney.’ That way maybe you’ll be able to fit the rest of what’s important to you, around the Quinto. We’re not mad at you for thinking he’s awesome. He is. What’s the problem?

  3. Heh-heh! Sorry, but I knew your ban wouldn’t last long. He’s just too cute, and indulging in ZQ doesn’t add any carbs or calories to your diet. Go for it! Have a blast on your road trip and tell us all about it.

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