Who am I kidding? This is not a Jane Austen Fan Fiction blog!

This has become a Zachary Quinto Obsession Blog.  But that all stops TODAY!  This will be the last time I post a photo of him, the last time I talk about him, and the last time I lust after think about him!


This has gotten TOTALLY OUT OF HAND!  I can not see a photo of this man in passing without stopping and sighing and drooling.  It has gone on long enough and I am enlisting you, my dear readers, to help me get over this obsession.  Please do not mention him, bring him up in comments, and do not send me links to photos of him (especially the ones where he’s smoldering… I find that those are my particular weakness).

I am begging you!

I can do this!  I just have to keep saying that to myself!  Cold Turkey!  There, I am done.


Over him!

That’s it!

I mean it!

Edited to add: We can talk about Spock (the character)… just not The Quinto as Spock.  Example:  “Boy, Zachary Quinto sure made one handsome Spock.”

Yes, that sort of thing.

3 thoughts on “Who am I kidding? This is not a Jane Austen Fan Fiction blog!

    • It is proving to be rather difficult. When I wrote this post last night I did an image search of him at Google. Why do I torture myself like this? Do you know how hard it is to resist this man’s pull? I am too friggin’ old to behave in this manner. I just love him way to much but I can not continue on in this adolescent fashion. It’s embarassing. :-/ Thanks for the well wishes – I am going to need all the luck in the world… or The Rock to fall out of the sky and land at my feet.

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