Apologies for the silence

Have you just had one of those weeks (or couple of weeks in my case) where everything seems out of whack, and you’re tired and irritable and dissatisfied with anything and everything?

Welcome to my world.

And on top of all that, I’m a little anemic (my ongoing struggle through the years) and I can not seem to shake it.  I’ll eventually snap out of it but I don’t envision it happpening this week.

I think it’s because this exact time last year I was getting ready to fly off to New Mexico for a week long vacation.  This year, since I was laid off for part of the year, I am not at a place to take a major vacation (leave time wise or financially).  It’s all so frustrating and tiresome.

However, since I do have Monday off (Columbus Day here in the U.S.) I might take a long weekend somewhere (that I can drive to… I can afford to drive, just not fly)  It will have to be somewhere close like Hatteras Island (there’s no hurricanes approaching are there?) or that drive up to Bucks County Pennslyvania that I’ve been wanting to do for  a couple of years now.  I’ll think of something… I have to get away on my own to regroup!


12 thoughts on “Apologies for the silence

  1. Bucks County could be fun. I’m trying to cajole my Bible Study into an apple picking trip out that way next weekend. Enjoy your time off!

  2. Oh dearest *big hug* Please take your time, attend to your health and know that we, your rabid fans, will be here waiting for you whenever you get around to the writing. Take that drive and try and unwind, feel the wind on your face and add some salve to your soul.


    • Rabid fans? Surely not. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words. I love long drives and I love the fall. A win-win all around.

  3. I fear it isn’t anaemia, it’s a ZQ deficiency. Fortunately, it’s treatable:

    First test of his Spock ears (warning – it’s a BIG picture)

    Hope you’re feeling a bit more yourself soon. xK

  4. I hope you feel better soon! PA is just bursting with fall glory so I hope that you can take the trip. It’s lovely up here this time of year ❤

    Take care of yourself and you can create a little oasis at home! A warm bath, some tea and a bit of cake and fan fiction hits the spot for me.

    • I think I might change PA locations. I was thinking about Falling Water. I think that would be a nice soothing place to be right now. But since I am so last minute, tickets might be hard to come by.

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