Just because… it’s funny because it’s true!


Love vs. Fear

Kirsty always finds the coolest stuff.


6 thoughts on “Just because… it’s funny because it’s true!

  1. How’s it going teresa? I check your site each time I go online but have not commented. thanks for the links to the other stories and I’m gonna keep checking until your own work is posted also. One more thing; you can have quinto but D. Johnson is mine, I think I’ve been crushing on him for about seven years now 🙂
    take care,

  2. Hey Neffe,

    Now I would never kick Dwayne to the curb. I was having a momentary lapse in judgment. I still love the Quinto, but Dwayne has my heart. I guess we will have to share him!

      • Awww, man, I’m gutted. How can it have gone in mere hours when it seems to have been going for years? If I find it again I will cut and paste it and email direct. P xx

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