Just because… I’m declaring it Zachary Quinto Day here at Elegant Extracts

I can do that, you know.

My blog.

Look at this photo, will you?! Just look at it.
And you know, the really disturbing thing, I think I now (maybe) (perhaps) prefer him over (gasp) The Rock.

OMG! I can’t believe I said that. I’ll need to think about this a bit more.

V. confused!

OK, more Quinto goodness.

These two captures also have me perplexed, but in a different way.   Hostage vs Heroes.

Now, tell me, is that the same baby? Hmmmm?

And finally, my favorite ZQ photo.
I’ve even loaded this into my digital frame at work.  All during the day, I get random flashes of handsomeness.

I know… Help me, somebody!

Thanks Kirsty!  You are the bomb!


7 thoughts on “Just because… I’m declaring it Zachary Quinto Day here at Elegant Extracts

    • *snort* I am here at work at the moment, looking over my shoulder, reading this post, and hoping none of my co-workers see any of these ZQ photos. They would all think I’m a psycho!

  1. hello,
    sorry i am a complete stranger but found myself compelled to reply.

    i’ve read your spock/uhura fic and loved it. i even loved the one you are still working on and i hope you will be posting more of that soon.

    i decided to add a comment only because i thought i was the only one with this ridiculous obsession with Mr. Quinto. i haven’t gone as far as saving pics on my work computer though. i don’t want to my workplace to remind me of Mr. Quinto and vice versa.

    • Ridiculous obsession? There is no such thing!

      Thanks for the kind words; I’m glad you like my story. No telling when the new one will be finished, though.

  2. He is so delicious! He almost took Jeff Goldblum’s top spot for my heart. Almost. He comes a close close second though and no one has done that 19 years ❤

    • Jeff Goldblum. Hmmm? Handsome and funny: a great combination! I am still struggling with The Quinto taking over Rock’s spot in my heart. I lurve them both, but in different ways. Perhaps I should say I lurve them equally.

    • Oooh! Jeff! He is a cracker, and a bit cracked too! I loved him since the fly. I am afraid that I still love Dwayne the best though 🙂

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