“Another” open letter to Nikki

Dear Nikki,

Why on earth did you leave that link? I CAN NOT take the ups and down of this story for one more minute.  It is 12:20am and I have to go to work first thing in the morning. I was already sleep deprived, but I can not let this story hang on this precipice for another minute.  

Why would the author write the story “The Other Woman”?  Clearly she wants nothing more than for me to pull my hair out.  Why can’t Spock and Uhura speak plainly to one another?  Why doesn’t Spock just open his heart for once.   UGHHHH!  I am going INSANE!

I have the “Kobayashi Maru” chapters to read next and it is quite a slog.  Too much of a slog to start at this time, but I am at my wits end with these two!  Worst case of cliffhangeritis imaginable!!!  I am going to have an aneurysm if I see the name “Helen” anywhere on in the first page (unless it is followed by “in a fatal shuttle accident” or “was trampled to death by wild boars.”)

Love and Kisses,
Teresa AF


7 thoughts on ““Another” open letter to Nikki

  1. Haha! I am loving your reactions. It takes you through the ringer doesn’t it? So good<3

    TOS Uhura had a much harder time no doubt. Spock is older and already 'set in his ways' so there's this constant tug between them.

    • TOS Spock is just all Vulcan and noble. I have a very different kind of love for him than I do for Spock2009.

      I did stay up a bit later to start the Kobayashi Maru chapters. I just could not let it end with Spock exiting the ball with Helen. I detested her from the beginning. I know, illogical to hate a fictional character…

  2. Like Nikki, I found Wildcat soon after the film when little fanfic existed. I think they portray the difficulties of having a relationship with “mr logic” well. I re-read them again recently and was similarly frustrated by the lack of plain speaking to one another – grrr! It is a real roller coaster!

  3. Oops, sorry for double-post, I meant to say that I think you would like Roletti very much, they are a bit less graphic. A New Beginning is my favourite and they are not nearly such a frikkin’ trauma as Wildcat’s fic, which is darker and as you say, more adult. I too am not a fan of the mooning, dreamy Uhura much, like it when she is a strong adult, and I think she came over as quite sensible in the film.

    • YES! I really liked “A New Beginning” too. So cute. Spock as a hunter, protecting his mate was so adorable! That is the only one I have read so far at that site.

      And don’t worry about double posting, I always enjoy comments!!!! 🙂

  4. I have been reading and reading and reading Wildcat’s stories since Nikki posted that famous link… Wow, she’s such a talented writer! I can’t seem to get enough! Thank you for posting the link, Nikki.
    (there’s only so many nights one can go to bed at 2 a.m. before one’s body does some funny things… :O thank goodness for coffee!)

    • You have NEVER lied. My body has been going through a tailspin for the last two days and if I don’t get into the bed by 9 or 10pm tonight, I am going to be in some serious troubles.

      But the good thing, I’m nearly through the Saga. I just passed the “film five bit” so I am in the home stretch. Funny, in the last few days I have had absolutely no interest in any of the other fics I’m reading. Wildcat’s have all of my attention. Strange.

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