For those readers who are wondering where For the Love of Jane is

I am so sorry, but I have a brand new Spuhura story obsession… well, actually two.

1.  Getting to Know You

2.  A New Day Coming

Number 2 is a sequel to number 1.  Number 2 is a work in progress and the author posts a new chapter EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  I am in heaven!  I am also soooo obsessed.  I can not see clearly for my focus is entirely diverted.  Such a brilliant, brilliant story!

Also, there is another wonderful WIP story that I’m reading:

Once and Future

I have tried desperately not to get all “in to” this story as it is not my preferred genre (Spock Prime/Uhura) but I just caved after the author just drew me in with the intriguing mystery of the first few chapters.

This next story is beyond melodramatic, but melodramatic in a good way.  The characters have so many ups and downs and lovely moments and moments when you want to smack them both upside the head.  I have always been a sucker for melodrama:


OK, so now you all have reading material to occupy you until I can get my act together.  I expect reports back on how each of you liked the stories, and, as always, feel free to post links to the stories you find.

BTW:  Descartes Error.  So many people keep recommending this to me (it must be good).  I read the intro over at and I must say, I’m a little hesitant to read it as it seems very involved.  I know I will eventually read it, but I just can not take on another lengthy story right at the moment.  I mean, between reading and re-reading and re-reading JNCAR’s stories 10 times a day and mindlessly checking on the other 10 WIP fics I’m following, it’s all starting to get a bit confused in my head.

Before I go, I do have a request:  I was telling one of my readers here about a great story I read about a month ago that I wanted to share with her.  I can not find the link again and I forget the title (see, reading way too much).  The premise:  Spock and Uhura adopt an orphaned alien girl and take her back to Earth to raise.  For the life of me I have no idea where it is.  I know I didn’t read it on; it may have even been on Live Journal, so any help someone can offer would be much appreciated.


16 thoughts on “For those readers who are wondering where For the Love of Jane is

  1. Listen. If you read ONLY ONE Spuhura fanfic, it must be Descartes Error. That is all.

    (oh, and thanks for the recs) 🙂

  2. YES, YES, YES and YES.
    Loved Getting To Know You so much I am re-reading it, joining a very short list of chaptered fics I’ve re-read to date (which, BTW, includes SPAT). I check at least 3 times a day for an update to A New Day Coming – and even checked at work on my iPhone yesterday which I NEVER do.
    Also enjoying Once and Future (after having the same reservations as you!). Reflections was good too.

    I don’t agree that Descartes Error is a ‘must read’. It had me hooked at the start, but it hasn’t kept me hooked in the same way as the first two recommendations here, (or my few re-reads!). I skimmed the whole section in Africa – and it almost made me give up reading it completely, but it seems to be back on track now.

    Plus, I second gppr’s recommendations. The vision of Spock in a loincloth…

    • I defer to your judgment. I’ll hold off on D.E. for a while, but will get to it one day soon, I’m sure. You crack me up: checking for stories on your iPhone. That’s VERY obsessive behavior. I so want and iPhone to do the exact same thing!!! 😀

  3. I agree that Nerdielady is very fine, her latest “New day coming” is a slow tease! Descartes, by the author’s own admission is “a behemoth”, I am enjoying it but not sure if it will ever end. One fic I think is excellent, and very different is Insights, it is about Spock coming to terms with losing his mum, Spock is perhaps a wee bit OOC but it is a very individual fic. So much to read, so little time…

    • I am reading Insights: it’s great. Thanks for the reminder – I should have listed that one on my list, as well!!

  4. I like Descartes Error too but I don’t recommend it too much because it’s a lot to take on but its does have some awesome moments. She writes a very different Spock and I like that as well.

    Thanks for the recs! Have you read any of bana05’s stories on LJ? Good stuff.

    Also, the old school TOS shipper Wildcat. Her entire site ROCKS.

  5. OMG! Nikki! Thanks for pointing me in Wildcat’s direction!!! I stayed up until two in the morning reading her stories and going back some time today to read some more. Wow so talented!!!

  6. I love Once and Future! I agree about Descartes Error. I have been reading her shorter spin off stories and saving the big one for later. I have to work on Pride and Logic and Love and Prejudice. Now that my mac is back from Seattle, I have no excuse not to write.

  7. Oh, and if you like TOS Spuhura stories, check out the series by Bana05 and Roletti’s stories. I like Rolletti (except for her constant use of “Nubian eyes.” What the heck are Nubian eyes?

    For Bana05’s stories:

    For Rolletti’s stories (my fave is A New Beginning):

    I also love Recumbantgoat. There are lots of good stories on the Spock_Uhura live journal community. Recumbantgoat’s stories are on the spicy side, but her story You Better Run Girl is really great–full of romance, intrigue, adventure and werewolves. It also features Bones being BAMFY. There is just one chapter with sexings, but she warns you about it. :

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