Just because… it’s the point in the video where I laugh the loudest

For realzees…


Gorgeous... without even trying

For realzees is now my new catch phrase.  I just wanted to warn you because I’m going to be saying it all the time now…

…for realzees


9 thoughts on “Just because… it’s the point in the video where I laugh the loudest

    • You know, Kirsty, the psycho part is not me watching the video fifty times a day, it is me actually bringing up a side by side comparison and analyzing the bed linen and the wall coverings back and forth in minute detail.

      Sheesh! I am never going to make it to work on time today!

  1. OMG! That was hilarious. My favorite part was the delivery scene and the bedroom scene just because I found the idea of intimidating yourself into an erection hilarious.

    • This will replace our milk video obssession, don’t you think? Sheesh! Why does The Quinto have to be so talented and funny and gorgeous and… and… it just ruins all other men for us!!!

      Oh, and Candace, I really liked your Parlour Games story, but have a question about something I don’t understand (because I am clueless and borderline Puritan). I will have to email you later tonight about it.

      • Yes. Ihaven’t watched the milk video in a while, but I think it still has a heavy appeal. The Quinto does seem to like to take many interesting pictures of himself in leather gloves, hand cuffs, restraints, on motorcycles clad in leather and with geeky hipster glasses. It sure makes not being a fangirl difficult. This new video certainly doesn’t help as I now find myself quite mesmerized by the heart shaped formation of chest hair that he sports. Killer eyebrows, great hair and now chest hair in cute patterns. It is really getting to be too much.

        Hmm, email and ask away. I know there were guesses and answers in the thread that might answer your question.

  2. I swear this man has totally taken over my summer. I’ve had an awesome summer though so I shouldn’t complain LOL

    • Preaching to the converted.

      I really (REALLY) need to detach. I can not believe that I, of all people, who detest celebrity and celebrititis, is so engrossed in him. Why is that? Apart from the handsomeness and the eyebrows and that so so deliciously engaging smile of his.

      See what I mean?

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