Would you like another peek at my new “Guardian” Story?

I worked on it yesterday, and am a little bit proud of it.  Of course, that means that “So Pleasing a Thing” has suffered, and, although it is almost finished, SPAT needs few more tweaks.

OK, Heart’s Guardian (changed from Guardian of the Heart) after the jump…


The fingers of her left hand moved rapidly over the controls of the console while the fingers of her right hand made the minute adjustments to the tricorder.  She had heard him, yet she could not bring herself to heed him.  If there was any chance to download all the data, now was not the time to stop, to respond, or to look up.

“Nyota.  We must go now.”

His tone, though measured, was slightly elevated.  She knew very well that for him, that meant concern.


“I just need another minute, Spock.”

“Lieutenant Uhura, you will cease what you are doing; that is an order.”

“I’ve almost got it—just one more–.”

Spock saw it all in a flash.  The cave’s roof was beginning to crumble and give way, the flames advanced on their position, and soon, very soon the smoke would begin to suffocate them both.  He flipped his communicator open.

“Mr. Scott, now if you please.”

Spock reached around the console and pulled Nyota to himself, just as the cave’s roof began to rain down shards of rock and shale, crashing in large piles just inches away from their feet.  At so abrupt an action, Nyota’s face registered a momentary look of objection and she would have resisted and stepped out of the transport beam altogether if they had not suddenly began to dematerialize.

Once safely back on the transporter pad on board the Enterprise, Spock finally released the breath that he had not realized he had been holding.

Nyota, on the other hand shrugged away from him angrily.

“Just what do you think you were doing?” she yelled.  “That data was very important; all I needed was another thirty seconds.”

“You did not have thirty seconds, Lieutenant.”

She turned her back to him and stepped off the pad and something inside of Spock snapped.  Stepping down from the pad himself, he grabbed her by the arm to turn her to face him.  Feeling her resistance, he deftly moved around to the front of her and grasping her by the shoulders tightly, he shook her soundly, twice.

“I said, you did not have thirty seconds!”

At the uncustomary livid tone to his voice, everyone in the transporter room looked up.  Scotty’s mouth gaped.  McCoy stopped treating the wound on Kirk’s head; even Kirk, still slightly stunned by the rock that had hit him in the head, looked on in disbelief.

Uhura was just as shocked as everyone else, even more so when she realized that Spock’s obvious anger was directed entirely at her.  That’s when she noticed his heavy breathing, the wild look in his eye, the beads of perspiration on his brow, and the patches of dirt smudged on his forehead and cheeks.  He was in the grip of a powerful emotion, an emotion that she recognized all too late as an emotion that he had experienced before.

The apology was immediately on her lips; however, he did not give her a chance to speak it.  He turned to Kirk.

“Captain, I would like to bring Lieutenant Uhura up for disciplinary action.  Charge one:  disregarding a direct order.  Charge two:  failure to follow a direct order.  Charge three:  failure to follow a direct order from a superior officer.  Charge four:  Insubordination.”

Kirk’s eyes widened as each and every infraction was recited.  He had only been off the planet for two minutes himself and in that short amount of time his XO had come back onboard and looked as he wanted to blow a gasket.  However, before he could respond the medical team burst through the door carrying a gurney and McCoy was pushing him down on it hoping to finally whisk him away to sick bay.

“He’ll have to get back to you on that, Spock” said McCoy tersely; “he has an appointment with his doctor.”

Kirk waved a bloody hand in a languid gesture that seemed to convey to everyone that he would hear it all once he regained a certain level of comprehension.

Spock, rather than be put off by the fact that the Captain wasn’t taking him seriously, saw his duty and his opportunity.  He pivoted and faced the security chief.

“Lieutenant Jeffries, please escort Lieutenant Uhura to the brig.”

Uhura blinked.

Jeffries blinked.  He and Uhura were good friends—they’d known each other since the first day at the academy—they’d even bonded over that incident with Kirk in the bar in Iowa.  He couldn’t very well take his friend to the brig.  He turned to the Captain for guidance.

Kirk grimaced and reaching out with his hand, he got hold of the door frame to prevent the gurney from leaving the transporter room.

“Sheesh!  Listen, Spock, I think you need to calm down; please.  And Jeffries, confine her to quarters.”  At Uhura widened, disbelieving eyes, he added, “For now.”

And just as Kirk was wheeled down the corridor, the realization of all that had occurred finally hit him.  He would now have an angry Vulcan on his hands, and probably an even angrier communications officer.  He slapped his hand against his forehead and slid his open palm down his face.


Talk about your subversive stories…

I like the fact that Nyota actually makes Spock mad.  I would never have him hurt her, of course, but I think the fact that he shakes her shoulders is very telling.  She has not only disregarded her own safety, but she has made Spock re-live the most agonizing episode of his life and almost a year to the day that it occurred.  Very badly done, Ny!

BTW:  For my new readers, you can find the first sneak peek to Heart’s Guardian here


16 thoughts on “Would you like another peek at my new “Guardian” Story?

  1. OMG! This is so very tempting, but I still want you to finish SPAT, so that I only have to beg you for *one* story to update. I think the Guardian planet is an inspired choice for the New Vulcan settlement. I’m eager to find out what planet this preview is on, and what data Uhura was so eager to get. Thanks for the peek!

    • It’s no “special” planet at the moment; it’s just an away mission. Unfortunately, it was a distress call and this scene happened to occur right after Kirk had told them all in the morning briefing that they would be heading to New Vulcan as their next assignment.

  2. Yay! I’m so glad that you are still inspired to bring this story to fruition!
    I love the angst in this excerpt and it was well executed. My only qualm is that it is not long enough! Thanks for posting and I hope that you feel better!

    • Now, if I started posting long chapters of this new story, my attention would become diverted and everyone would be up in arms over SPAT – so only a little peek from time to time. This story is going to be completely finished before I even think about posting it.

  3. That was really fab, I am looking forward to reading it. I have to say I love stern Spock, he is damn hot! And very unlike Spock of SPAT – which is good, a change is good 🙂

    • Well, it’s the same SPock, only a year later. Spock just got a shock to his system realizing that he could have very well have lost Ny in a similar way that he lost his mother.

  4. Oooooo! I can’t wait. Is Uhura going to be a brat in this one? I’ve been making my way through season 1 of TOS and a few episodes where Spock is in command of an away mission and McCoy and other random crewman give him lip and second guess him. The entire episode I keep hoping that Spock starts handing out some pimp slaps, but I guess confining people to the brig is more his style.

    • No, no bratty Uhura. She really regrets her actions when she sees it all from Spock’s POV. She knows she should have listened and she has a very hard time with it afterwards.

  5. You should be proud. A great start to this story, i love the Sphura tension, with Kirk in the middle.So Uhura is not getting her way this time, this is going to be good.

  6. Thanks for the nice comments, Davey! Wow. You’re the first guy to leave a comment. I am honored!!! 🙂

  7. Thanks, Nikki! Hopefully I won’t flake out before it is finished, but if it is any comfort, I am working on it during my lunch break today.

  8. Oh that looks very interesting! I’m happy that you are already working on a new S/U story as the end of S.P.A.T draws near…

    … that epilogue draws near, right? Ms. Teresa Torture AF? 😀

    -G, who seems to have masochistic tendencies.

  9. Wow! Great story arc! When do you think you will be posting the story? I am a sucker for angst, and this is so well written. I like angry take charge Spock. Nyota certainly got a surprise with that one. I can’t wait to read their interactions afterward!

    • Well, I’m still working on it, most of it is still in long hand and needs to be converted over. A monumental job at the moment.

      As for afterwards, I think you will be very surprised at what happens next. But perhaps I have said too much. 🙂 Glad you liked it!!

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