8 thoughts on “Just because… at this point, I think it needs to be said that it’s all Kirsty’s fault!

  1. KRISTY!!!! Stop distracting her with photos!! You can only interrupt her with the real life flesh-and-blood hunk…. preferably green-blooded hunk…

    • *snort* I have just about finished with my green-blooded hunk. And about time I hear him say! He has hated my manipulations to his emotional well-being!

  2. He does indeed look hot. Who can resist a dark-haired beauty such as himself and when he’s wearing that white shirt buttoned down to there….Oh my! I totally understand.

    Now get back to work!!!

  3. Ok. That site kept me up a bit late.
    On another note, I am glad that you enjoyed An Illogical Woman. I thought the story would be 5 parts (because I really must focus on Love and Prejudice and Pride and Logic) but now I have gotten a bunch of requests for installments focused on Makeda and Grandpa Sarek. Stories just seem to grow and grow and grow.

    • I hear, you about the growing! SPAT… 10 chapters. Ha!

      IW was soooooo lovely. Last night, I also saw that Pride and Logic is up, but I am refraining from reading it for now – it will be my reward for getting the last chapter of SPAT up today.

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