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Hey, as you all know, I have found some wonderful Spuhura fics over the last few weeks – but I have not found them all.

Please leave a comment promoting your own story or great stories that you have found.  I’ll start it off.  If one of these is your story and we have not “met”, by all means, introduce yourself in the comments!!!

How to Get the Vulcan You Want in Six Easy Steps (Funniest! story! ever!)

The Opposite of Logic

Your Boyfriend Has Pointy Ears (currently unfinished…please, I’m begging you!)

If Tomorrow Never Comes (currently unfinished… more begging)

Pride and Logic (currently unfinished)

A Illogical Woman (currently unfinished)


(A Series)

1. A Mutual Feeling (four parts)

2. Human Relationships: Friendship (3 parts)

3. Human Relationships: Mating Rituals (In progress… and causing me to perform all sorts of desperate acts while waiting for the next chapter

I hope I haven’t left anyone off.  I’ve been reading sooooo many great stories that it’s sort of hard to keep up with them all.


8 thoughts on “Pimp your story

  1. “I’ve been reading sooooo many great stories that it’s sort of hard to keep up with them all.”
    I know!
    I’m subscribed to the RSS feed of completed Spuhura storied on fanfiction.net (it’s too frustrating to get sucked into unfinished ones – there are several I check on a daily basis for updates – including YOURS! ahem…) and the RSS feed of the LJ Star Trek Fandom Newsletter (and am steadily working my way though the archives). Fresh fic piped straight to my reader on a daily basis. Yum!

    Oh – and I went to Leicester Square yesterday. And you know what THAT means.

    • I haven’t yet taken the RSS feed step. If I were to do so, I would be more of a loss cause than I am now.

      I faintly remember saying that I was going to turn this back into a Jane Austen blog. Two months later… But then again, Spock and Uhura: The Lizzy/Darcy of this generation.

    • Evil, just pure evil to dangle a story before me when I have soooooo much work to do.

      “Break” was friggin’ awesome!!! AWE!SOME!

      I cried like such a baby as the “Battle of Vulcan” survivors walked off the transport. I loved it!!!

    • OMG! Three stories I have yet to discover. I will have to carve out some time today to read… somehow. Thanks so much for the links. Of course, it’s only feeding my frenzied obsession!

    • No, thank you for sharing. As soon as I get a free moment, I’m going to read your story!! I am woefully behind in discovering all the stories that I should!

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