I think I finally get it! I feel your pain.

Honestly, I never really thought of So Pleasing a Thing as all that great.  I mean, I have read some really AWESOME Spuhura fan fiction and thought of those stories as wonderful and found the writers extremely talented.  So, I never could understand why anyone was waiting for my next chapter to post.

Until today.

As I was clicking on one of my bookmarks to a story that I am currently reading and found, to my dismay, that the author HAD NOT POSTED THE NEXT CHAPTER, I nearly had a coronary.

It was an epiphany.  It was like the gods themselves were speaking to me.  I think I finally get it:

It’s not so much the writing or the writer, it’s the story that “we” have gotten caught up in AND WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!   NOW!!

Sheesh.  I really must apologize to those who are at their wits in with me.  Here I am tweaking… and tweaking… and tweaking… and not really in any kind of a rush.

I get it now.  I know what I must do.


12 thoughts on “I think I finally get it! I feel your pain.

  1. …Could this epiphany also perhaps apply to a certain story whose acronym could possibly pass for a Klingon word? …FTLOJ! 🙂

      • *sigh* Okay…:( I completely understand (from personal experience) that muses can be fickle. I just wanted you to know that there are still readers patiently hoping that you won’t “suckity suck” forever and will return to FTLOJ at some point before you die. 😉

        As I suggested before, if you’re worried about mob reprisals over which couple wins, you could always appease everyone and write your planned ending plus two alternate endings–or even three. You could have one in which Jane finally clues in that she has three (four, if Goulding counted) men fighting over and, in a shocking display in which she sounds a lot like her mother, shrieks, “Oh, hang Bingley–Goulding–Fitzwilliam–Fitzwilliam! I’m going to be a spinster in the hedgerows!” It could be a thinly-disguised parallel to how the readers of FTLOJ are driving you crazy harassing you for updates (in which their chosen couple hooks up) and fighting amongst each other over which couple should win. 🙂

      • Funny you should mention that, because I seriously considered writing 4 alternative endings for all possible combinations (is anyone even rooting for Goulding?). That would satisfy everyone – because believe me, no one is going to be happy with the real ending, especially if their pick doesn’t win. Too bad, too, because I have already started to write sequel – which is really, really pitiful since I haven’t even finished the first story.

  2. Gosh…well, if no one is going to be happy with the real ending, it must be Goulding! Because Studmuffin has fans, the Viscount has fans, Bingley has fans…I don’t think Goulding has any. Although, I guess Jane could catch a little trifling cold from one of the munchkins and die, too–that would certainly make no one happy.

    I have no complaints about you having the sequel started–since it means you have to finish FTLOJ before posting it! My muse does the same thing, sometimes within a story–I have scenes written all over and have to try and connect them.

  3. I can’t figure out how to leave a review for Chapter 20, so I’m here. First off, NO need for a correction. There is Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Chips (formerly Double Chocolate). And…. there is Ghirardelli’s 70% Cacao Extra Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Bar!

    I love the chapter so far. I love Selkek, and hope that perhaps he finds his own Terran sweetheart. Spock’s mother must have something up her sleeve, and I’m tickled to see her again. THANK YOU!!!

    • Thanks for being my fact checker. 🙂 But seriously, I should have thought about what I was posting BEFORE I posted it. I hate to think what other things I can be called on.

      I left the comments off because the entire chapter is not posted yet.

  4. *huge breath* OMG, I have been purposely letting time slide by so that maybe if I peeked in here I would granted the next installment. And its here. oh yes this is going to be so good. That Amanda is a slick woman, I think she and Selkek are in cahoots. and poor Spock watching her walk in on another man’s arm? OH boy watch out.
    Thank you again, not just for the update but the links too.

    • That would be awesome if they were in cahoots! I have to admit that I love Selkek, maybe even more than Spock! (I know, that is blasphemy.) If they don’t like him on Vulcan, he is welcome to catch the next wormhole and move in with me in the 21st century 😛

      Anyway, I am loving Chapter 20. I wonder if all of the chocolate made Selkek a little tipsy which would explain the cold hands?

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