LiveJournal in the house!

Welcome LiveJournalers!

WOW!   Thanks to those who recommended my humble fic.  I am all astonishment over the number of hits.

Please keep in mind that So Pleasing a Thing is not the final draft.  The sloppiness and horrible grammar will eventually be fixed.  But it is nice to have you drop by.

Chapter 20 and an epilogue left.  Chapter 20 tonight possibly… no promises… just ask my regular readers– they know how sucky and inconsistant I am with posting.


4 thoughts on “LiveJournal in the house!

  1. Hi,
    I just typed a response and it didn’t take. So here it is again. I just want to say that your story was recommended on LJ and I have to say that this story was amazing. I sat here this evening glued to my laptop and read al1 125 pages. It was inciteful, well-developed, and original. I look forward to see the remaining chapters and thank you for a great story. I guess all I’m trying to say is I LOVED your Story!

    In awe of your story,


    • Thanks Chrissy, I’m happy that you liked the story. Hmmm? Well-developed? If you say so; I think otherwise. But this is a first draft so I’ll eventually get around to improving it. Thanks again!!

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