Dear 300 people who keep clicking on the link to SPAT-20

You can stop now. I am so out of it right now that I doubt I’ll have it ready before the weekend. Go clean your house, read one of the awesome fics I suggested, take a run… because it ain’t happening, people.

Let’s say it all together: Teresa, you suck!


7 thoughts on “Dear 300 people who keep clicking on the link to SPAT-20

  1. Teehee! Busted! I am TOTALLY GUILTY of this infraction and I cannot promise (wish I could) that I won’t click a few more times before the weekend, just to make sure.


    • Yeah, clicking is unnecessary. I haven’t an inspired bone in my body at the moment. But, of course, I’ve said things like this before, only to get up the next morning with the shakes, determined to write.

  2. Guilty as charged 🙂 I love your joke chapter 20, especially the line that Vulcans are so last year. So, I’ll stop checking for updates twice a day and finish up Chapter 5 of Pride and Logic now.

    • Oooh! Please do that, I keep looking at that in hope, I am really enjoying it and I can’t wait to see if that minx nurse chapel is up to more tricks.

  3. Yes Miss, sorry Miss, I was thinking in the Joke chapter Nyota may go for Cap’n Pike, the dishy older guy…. nope, that’s MY fantasy 🙂

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