Because, like, apparently, I have nothing better to do

Yes, I should be putting the finishing touches to Chapter 20, but, again, I became distracted with other stuff.


So, if you’ve noticed, I’ve moved the bulk of So Pleasing a Thing off the main board, converted it into a PDF and uploaded it to my main website.  Also, in case you’ve noticed, the PDF version of the story has a cover:



Now, if you are curious as to what the graphic represents, it’s an abstract representation of two figures embracing… look a little closer… do you see it now?

But then, I got “another” idea to make it just a touch more obvious…

hand on butt

hand on butt

Of course this abstract represents my “favorite” scene in the entire film… and I think most of you know by now, it is NOT really my favorite scene.

Sort of takes the meaning of “So Pleasing a Thing” to a whole new level.


2 thoughts on “Because, like, apparently, I have nothing better to do

    • Tease? Moi? I have been doing this all along. I use it as motivation for myself, to remind me that I have something I need to get done! 🙂

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