This was MY idea first!

I said this first a long, long time ago, so, remember, this was my idea:

Wikipedia (known for it’s “accuracy”) is reporting that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is “rumored” to be in consideration to play the role of Race Bannon… as in Jonny Quest’s Race Bannon!

Always the sexiest man alive!

Always the sexiest man alive!

Now, long time readers of my various blogs all know that this was my idea from the start (I’ll have to find that particular post as proof).  Not that I’m in any position to call “them” on it, and anyway, I am currently having such spasms of delight at the thought of this casting that I really don’t care.   I really should look into becoming a casting director – I have a certain eye for it, I think.

Jonny Quest is one of my absolute “favoritest” animated series.  Boy oh, boy I hope something comes out of this one!


3 thoughts on “This was MY idea first!

  1. Heck, I don’t know this TV show, but I don’t care. I’ll go to the film! Go Dwayne 🙂

  2. Check it out:

    BTW: I also think that Johnny Depp would be the perfect Doctor Quest. I really don’t care who they cast as Jonny – they are talking about Zac Efron who, in my opinion, is waaaayyy too old. Johnny is like 12.

    • This looks like a hoot! It would make a great action movie, GIANT SPIDERS!!! MAD MUMMIES!!! EXPLOSIONS!!!! I think Dwayne would be perfect, he even has the same kinda hairline as Race. I am actually thinking of a Brit actor, Paul Bettany, as Dr Quest, but hey, Johnny is perfect for every occasion. Not Zac Efron, totally do not get him atall, actually Anton Yelchin would be better if they want to go older but it is obvious Jonny is a kid. A newbie would be best. I love casting in my head too! Forgot to say, that photo – I had to fan ma wee red scottish heid.

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