The blog was getting just a touch too busy for me

The links to the story are just here ——————————–>>>>>

I had to rearrange a few things.  I’ve moved the posted chapters off the blog and put them on my main web site. (as a PDF)  The latest chapter (19) is up… or will be up presently.  I know, I said there wasn’t going to be a 19… it’s just too long a story now for there not to be a 19.


5 thoughts on “The blog was getting just a touch too busy for me

  1. Wait you will still post them here first right? Cause like I have no access to pdf files on my ‘puter. and I don’t wanna miss out on anything.

    Nice renovation job, btw.

    • The story will still be posted here on the page at the right titled: So Pleasing a Thing-19

  2. Criminy! Just noticed… this blog doesn’t display properly in Internet Explorer. In Firefox (which everyone SHOULD be using, IMO) it displays properly. It should be three colums NOT two.

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