Hmmm? Selkek or Stonn?

I cast my stories as if I’m casting a movie.

What do you think?  I’m thinking Stonn.  This actor would make a wonderful Vulcan.


7 thoughts on “Hmmm? Selkek or Stonn?

  1. That’s Selkek. Because T’Pring is vain enough to want a consort who is NOT prettier or more famous than she is, ‘cos she wants all the attention (and property) for herself.

  2. The only reason I say Stonn is because of the eye colour. This is the actor from “Drop Dead Diva” – a new show on Lifetime – and he is pretty. You guys can call him Selkek if you like.

  3. I like him as Stonn.I have seen him on Drop Dead Diva , it’s a good show And if he is the one staring at Nyota with that same intensity as in the above picture well alrighty then.

  4. I think Stonn too, Selkek needs an un-Vulcan twinkle in the eye and this chap looks glittering and brittle, in a good way.

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