Oops! I’ve gone and done it again!

I’ve started a new Star Trek story: The Guardian of Hearts

Premise: Since Spock Prime was the one who located the planet for the new Vulcan colony, (because it stands to reason that he has visited a few in his journeys) he has selected one well known to him and which comes with a few “interesting elements” he means to take full advantage of, namely: The Guardian.

It is one year later after the events with Oren (Nero), and the Enterprise has been invited to take part in the official memorial ceremonies on the new Vulcan home world.  However, Nyota Uhura,  before she can take the next logical step with her Spock sets out to put herself in the path of Spock Prime. She has doubts and questions and she needs answers that Spock Secundus can not provide.

The two of them band together and with the Guardian’s help and with the unwitting help of Uhura Prime, perhaps more than one wrong can be righted.

Before you all ask, yes, I will finish and post the last of So Pleasing a Thing before this starts.  I can not shake this new story.  It has been rattling around in my head for several days now and it woke me up out of a dead sleep on more than one occasion.

This story will also have its roots in the original series and the  novelization version of ST:2009 (parts of it that are not generally known if you have only seen the film)  In the book, Nero’s real name is Oren and the Enterprise crew all knew about Spoke Prime even before Spock Secundus did; so Spock Prime is not a secret and they are all well aware of his existence.

I haven’t decided where I will post it yet; I’m “thinking” about FF.net, but have not made up my mind.  We shall see.  But I do know one thing, it will be posted in it’s entirety; no more of this installment stuff – I can’t write like that very efficiently as you all have seen.

ETA: Preview of the prologue after the jump…

The Guardian of Hearts

“By my calculations, you have watched this program exactly forty times.  That is once a week for the last ten months and fourteen days.  This viewing will make that total forty-one.”

“Spock, sometimes I think you haven’t a romantic bone in your body.  I’m really not in the mood for your calculations or your complaints tonight.”

Nyota Uhura removed the data chip from the box and carefully inserted it into the viewer.  If she wanted to watch Pride and Prejudice everyday for a year it was her business.  At this moment Spock could go and meditate for an entire century for all she cared.  She flopped down on her bed and bunched her pillow up under her chin.

“It is not complaining; I am merely stating a fact. We both have to be back on duty at 0800 hours.  That gives us exactly twelve hours to spend together; I refuse to sit for five of those hours watching human males ride around on the back of horses attired in wet shirts.”

“Hmmm?” she mumbled distractedly, her eyes already focused on the actor playing Fitzwilliam Darcy riding across an open field with his friend, Mr. Bingley, in hot pursuit.  “That’s nice sweetie,” she said with a dismissive wave of her hand that Spock interpreted as a way to either shut him up or get him out of her quarters.  “I’d like some popcorn, too.”

Spock raised an eyebrow and turned to the door, when it made its customary “whoosh” sound Uhura spun around.  “Spock,” she cried, “wait a minute; you’re leaving?”

“I know that I am leaving, Nyota.  Clearly you have other activities that take precedent as well as all of your attention.”

“But I thought you were going to watch this with me?”

“If I gave you that impression you are sadly mistaken.”

“Why are you so angry?”

“I am a Vulcan; I always endeavor to avoid anger.”

“You’re angry!”

I am not angry!”

“OK, you’re displeased, then.”

“Your behavior and devotion to this particular choice of viewing material is highly illogical.  If, after a time, you feel that you can pull your attention away, I will be in the recreation room playing three dimensional chess.”

“Well, at least come back and give me a kiss before you leave.”

Spock stood still for a moment, debating with himself before complying; Nyota always asked him to do the most unconventional things.

“Computer, on mute,” she said while scooting to the edge of her bed.  Nyota then rose up to her knees and received a quick, perfunctory kiss on the lips.  However, before he could get away from her, she got him around the neck and pulled him down into a hug, making cooing noises into his ear while nuzzling her cheek against his neck.

Spock permitted her to engage in this form of human contact when he was in her arms; he had always found such activities pleasurable and Nyota did derive a great deal of satisfaction from it for some reason.  And yet, after thirty seconds, the cooing noises had ceased and her body had grown oddly still.

“You are watching it again, aren’t you?” he asked.


Like I told someone last week, I am really into dialogue driven stories.  When I write, I put all the speeches down first, then go back in with all the “stage direction”.

Oh, and in case you can not tell from this sneek peak, the activiy takes place on board the Enterprise after it has completed its first year in space.


16 thoughts on “Oops! I’ve gone and done it again!

  1. Uhura Prime — squeeee!!! The Guardian’s planet is a wonderful location for the Vulcan colony; finally, the Guardian won’t be lonely, and will be protected. I’m excited for your new story, and look forward to reading it.

    • Thanks, June. I’ve put up a preview if you are inclined to view. 🙂

      Oh, and side note that I failed to mention, Spock Prime is also going to going through a “mild case” of Pon Farr. That could get interesting… the young, fetching Miss Uhura turning up and there’s Spock all angstsy and confused, only, he’s not “her” Spock, and yet, she wants to help… Awwww!

      Not to worry, it’s not like it sounds; I don’t write smutty fics. 😉

      • Fabulous ideas for story twists!! I really like the preview.

        Only one fix: “two-hundred and forty times. That is twice monthly for the last twelve months and fourteen days” — 2x month for 12 months is 2×12 = 24. So it should be 20x month for 12 months… 20×12 = 240. Spock would not make a mistake, although Uhura isn’t counting. :=)

    • To paraphrase Bones McCoy (I should have said) Dammit, June; I’m a writer, not a mathematician! 😉

  2. You Know I do have to work for a living and checking your blog for updates and new stories everyday is impeding my sleep! lol. I enjoyed the preview and cant wait for more, I think that you have the makings of a great saga here. (Please excuse me if saga is not an accurate term to use, English and writing mechanics are not my favorite subjects.)

    keep up the good work.

  3. Ok. I just read the prologue. That is too funny. But, I have to admit that Uhura has her priorities all topsy turvy. I mean, watch Mr. Darcy on the screen or put some good extra loving on her very own Vulcan Mr. Darcy during their free time? Second option please!

    • Well, by this point, they’ve been going out for a year (do Vulcan’s even go out?) and I’m thinking by this time, Ny is craving just a bit o’ romance in her life. She knows she has his “affection” but I don’t think Spock is actually the dinner by candle light, grand gesture type of guy.

      • Ahh. I see. Is that going to be a source of some drama in the story? But I suppose Nyota wouldn’t expect a Vulcan to be very romantic, although in So Pleasing a Thing, Spock can be very romantic when he tries (and with a little motherly guidance). I mean, the flowers and the whole beach scene–if that is not romantic, I don’t know what is.

      • Uhura craves something that Spock Secundus isn’t providing her (typical girl, always over-thinking things instead of going with the flow) Mistakenly, she thinks that Spock Prime has all the answers to her questions, the only thing, Spock Prime has his own issues to deal with. By him coming through the black hole caused by the Narada, he’s realized that in this new AU time line a certain thing back in the old one can not get done. Plus, he’s giong through a mild case of Pon Farr and with the fetching Miss Uhura coming around, pestering him for incite, and sort of being kind of attracted to him in the same sort of way she attracted to her own Spock, it is not helping his equilibrium.

        There’s some other stuff involving the Guardian and Uhura Prime, but I’m not going to get into here; some details still needed to be worked out in my outline.

    • It’s coming, but not too soon, I think! And don’t encourage me; So Pleasing a Thing is all your fault, you know!! 🙂

  4. I see. Is Spock Prime extra old in this story like in the movie, or does he cross over earlier, like in his 40’s or something?

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