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More “Hot Men of Sci Fi” HERE!

Number 12 is my personal favorite, but this blog can only take so much handsomeness in one day!


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  1. Oooooh! The Quinto! It’s taken me a while to realise he has dark hair and dark eyes; most men who ‘do it’ for me fit that criteria.
    Oh look, there’s Naveen Andrews too.
    I smiled when I got to numer 12 😉

    • As Bridget Jones would say: Smoldering!

      He has but one fault (don’t know if his coat is rather too ight) The Quinto is just a touch too slim. Add about 20 lbs… or in your case, 3 stone?, and he would be smokin’!!!!

  2. Oh, I agree. The Rock is a beautiful man! I remember I scandalized my dad by saying that back when he was on the WWF 😛 But, Quinto is very good at the smoldering. I just love his eyes and those eyebrows. And Kristy, I agree about Naveen Andrews. He is sooo handsome. I loved him in The Ten Commandments. He could rock the whole egyptian kilt and no shirt look.

  3. Oooh! Dwayne is my total fave, every time he is on TV my hubby teases me coz I start grinning like a twit. Why is he not more famous than Stallone and Arnie? He is mmm……….

    • I know, right! And get this, he has a house in Virginia. It “is” about 130 miles from me, but I keep having this fantasy where I run into him at the grocery store… like that is ever going to happen.

      As for the famous thing, I don’t think he gets the good “Action Star” scripts. That’s why I think he’s going this Disney route – which is OK I guess, but those types of films do not appeal to his female fanbase.

      I have been writing this one story for ages that I think would be a perfect vehicle for him (If I ever sit down and finish it… and then sell the book and then get a picture deal… a girl can dream). It’s pure chick lit, of course, and a comedy to boot (he has perfect comic timing) He needs to compete in the same arena as Will Smith: Will can do both date movie and action really well; I think Dwayne would too!!

  4. That sci-fi list is now out of control. I went back to re-read some of the comments and it has now become a complaint list of who’s missing from it. We women are never satisfied! :-/

  5. I think if I ran into Dwayne in the store I would totally FAINT! I think it is a shame he is not getting more grown up scripts coz I enjoyed Welcome to the Jungle and thought he did great comedy. Well, fingers crossed for your script, you may rescue him from Disney yet 🙂 Although to be honest I’m struggling to think of a current actress who would be good enough for such a gent.

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