It’s funny because it’s true

Star Trek meets LOST

There are other videos in the “LOST” parody series  – be sure to check them all out.


4 thoughts on “It’s funny because it’s true

  1. OMG!!!! That was awesome! I loved it! Except, they needed Uhura. Sulu’s voice was also amazing.

  2. I can’t stop watching it. I just laugh and laugh. Hey, be sure to look for episode #10: Twilight/LOST. And when Harry Potter comes out of the bushes and sees “Cedric Diggory” I nearly pee my pants every time.

  3. This spoofs the very reason why I stopped watching Lost long ago. It just makes no sense at all. They don’t even try to. I also love how that one guy calls Spock by random elven names–Elrond, Legolas, Keebler—that just cracks me up. The Twilight one was cute. I’ve never seen Twilight–can’t get into the stalker/sparkly vampire bit. But that episode was very cute as well.

    • Exactly, Lost jumped the shark as soon that stupid “rescue” boat arrived and they spent the entire season covering something like three days. Ugh!

      Sawyer’s schtick is giving every one little pet names. That’s the best part of the show. He is my favorite character on LOST. Soooo sick of Jack and his multitude of problems.

      I could not follow any of LOST last season and I gave up somewhere around episode 10. Hello, just like this youtube video it was all about flashes of light and time travel. I so get why Spock kills himself; it’s simply not logical.

      I’m not into Twilight either and I love when Claire gives “Cedric” the set down.

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