Hey, everyone! Check this out!

Victorianhobby at What A Doll Quilts created this  based on my story.  I know, right!!!  I am all aflutter!  Wonderful!


4 thoughts on “Hey, everyone! Check this out!

  1. Thanks Elegant Extracts, your story is so beautiful. I love the characters intelligence and purity. Glad you liked the photomanipulations. Since yesterday, I’ve made some adjustments to better reflect the contents of your story.

    I agree about Spock’s expression, so I’ve changed to another photo with a little more passion. Tell me what you think.

    This is so addictive.


    • They’re great! I think we’re both having way to much fun – but it is fun, isn’t it? Check out the other fan fiction by other authors at fan fiction dot net if you haven’t already – there are some really wonderful stories out there.

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