Nearly 10 days without a new chapter!

I know; I suck!

Read this instead: How to Get the Vulcan You Want in Six Easy Steps!

Classic! And HI-LARRY-US.  I defy you not to roar!

Rated T for Teen… but there are a few “references and innuendo” some may find troubling.


4 thoughts on “Nearly 10 days without a new chapter!

  1. Just think tho’, when the Elegance begins again the anticipation will be all the sweeter. x

  2. you are not helping me by finding great fics to read!! ahem: I’m still waiting for a new chapter from you, either Spock-Uhura or Viscount-Jane.

    • Spock and Uhura, some time around midnight; Jane and the Viscount? At this moment there is no Jane and the Viscount, nor is there a Jane and the Colonel nor a Jane and Bingley. 🙂 See how I avoided that one? 😉

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