WHO! comes up with this stuff?

Hel-lo, Gorgeous!


All I can say is, if this person actually existed, womankind would be reduced to a pile of quivering mush.

Via Towleroad


12 thoughts on “WHO! comes up with this stuff?

  1. OMG! Someone had too much time on their hands. Yes, I think that if such a man existed, women the world over would be reduced to a quivering pile of mush.

    • I find myself staring at that photo (a number of times), trying to figure out which parts are Zachary’s and which parts are Chris’s. One thing does stand out though, the lips are definitely Mr. Quinto’s!

      • As for the eyes, I “think” the actual irises are Pines, but I think the eye sockets may be Quinto’s. The color is a mix of the two.

        I can’t figure out the jaw line either. Pictures of both have that stubble thing going on. The line of it “may” be more Quinto thanPine; Pine has a more clefty sort of chin.

        Talk about too much time on someones hands… I have looked at this photo way too much today!

  2. I have no idea how long it actually took me to realize that the picture was morphed… but wow! It’s a really interesting combination. Sort of the yummiest/ bestest parts of both. Quinto’s mouth and also the general shape of his head. Chris Pine’s head is a little wider at the top.

  3. OMG! I find myself looking at that photo nearly everyday. Sheesh, who am I kidding, I look at it everyday. And, if I turn my head slightly to the left, I can still see that photo because I have printed it out and put it in a frame.

    Yes, I am psycho. But was it not “Bridget Jones” who said something about “fictional men” being much more interesting than real ones. And that morphed photo is the epitome of fictional men.

  4. The eyebrows are definitely Zach Quinto’s. They’re a tad thick for my taste, but he is otherwise completely stunning. Gotta love them. Chris Pine’s pretty-boy-ness is balanced out by Zach Quinto’s not-pretty-boy-but-still-gorgeous’s-ness.

    • Thick? Surely not! The thicker the better, I say! I eyebrows on both of them really cement their unique looks in my opinion. And speaking of eyebrows, they are the one thing about New Spock that I don’t really like. The makeup artists got them wrong. Then again, the Quinto has such thick brows to begin with…

  5. Oh my Goodness!
    I was looking through pics and I stopped because I thought it was Chris Pine. Then, I looked closer and I thought it was Zachary Quinto. Then, I opened this page and read through these. I was like, “Wow! I cannot believe I knew just by looking.” Anyway, this is truly awesome. I love Star Trek and both of these men. Thanks!

    • It is a great photo “collage” isn’t it. I STILL like looking at it to figure out whose parts are whose.

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