Must. get. control. of. this. story.

Chapter 13 has been posted and apparently it has a mind of it’s own.

It doesn’t want to go to the ball; it’s resisting the ball at all costs; it wants to keep itself locked away on the shuttlecraft; it wants to wallow in meaningful looks and delicious  intrigue.

I could only answer. “Unfortunately”, it’s forcing yet another chapter on to the end of this story. Dare I saythe count  now stands at sixteen.

BTW: The number of readers for So Pleasing a Thing has passed 600 today.  I can not believe that 600 hundred people are actually reading this story.  I have taken into consideration that some of you may be visiting multiple times; but 600?  Wow, I’m floored. (My previous highest post before this was that delicious Hugh Jackman photo at over 500) Spock over Hugh, who knew!

Thank you all for your continued support, especially now that I’m starting to get a little shaky… and flaky. 🙂