After spending the whole day wallowing in self-pity…

I have decided to share the link to one of the best Fan Fic’s I’ve ever read. Go ahead, read it – you can not but agree that it’s awesome!

The Opposite of Logic

Now I’ll just wonder around somewhere never to write again. Maybe I’ll walk up to 7-11 and buy a Slurpee and a frozen burrito and stand on the corner till the early hours until the police drive up and ask me if I have a home…

Then, if any of you do come back, there probably won’t be a new chapter here.  Such is the level of my trauma.

(I particularly love the flashback sequences, the author handled them so well)


9 thoughts on “After spending the whole day wallowing in self-pity…

  1. it’s your fault! I followed your story rec and couldn’t stop reading until I got to the last chapter. it really is awesome, but your story is equally awesome — so get back to writing, please!

  2. I haven’t clicked the link yet but I want to reassure you that no matter how fabulous that person’s writing, yours is also wonderful (evidenced by the begging and pleading witnessed on this very site), so wallow for a day or two, drink lots of coffee, eat some comfort food and then GET BACK TO WORK.

    What if George Eliot had decided never to lift a pen after reading Austen (wait, I feel that way all the time, hee!) or George Sands too. In other words, there is plenty of room in our hearts for excellent works including yours. Please write more.

  3. I “logically” understand what you both are saying (and I didn’t write this post to look like I was asking for encouragement 🙂 ) But once in a while there are those stories you run across that just blow your flippin’ mind.

    And my heavens, the Opposite of Logic is just one of those stories. The author just put together her story so well, that it makes me realize that I have a long way to go if I want to be a better writer.

    And now, even after I said I wasn’t going to do it, I’ve started reading other S/U fics (yours included, CANDACE… which is wonderful, as well)

    Pamala, I say go read it. It is soooo good. I will take your advice and wallow and drink my coffee for today, but I still am determined to finish my story – I just have an example now of what level I need to aim for.

    All my readers are great and I do appreciate your support.

    It’s my lunch break, I am on my work computer, but my own laptop is open, and I fully intend to write something…

  4. That is a very good story. The ending creeped me out a bit, with Sarek getting with T’Lan, but I always enjoy stories where Spock and Uhura have a child.

    • I know! The Sarek ending was weird. But in a way, I sort of wished she would have hooked T’Lan up with Spock Prime; Talk about great… if not just a little subversive!

  5. Well, I prefer YOUR story! That Spock was a little too emotional for me, even if he is half human. Looking forward to your next chapter…

    • Thanks for the kind words, K. But that’s what some of us get off on, EMOSPOCK! I would/could never write an “overly” emotional Spock, myself, but reading it is another thing entirely.

      I just found her plotting meticulous and her dialogue, crisp. And I am all about the crisp dialogue – something I have longed to master.

      Ugh! Must stop with all this author envy!

  6. You are right. You must. stop. this. author envy.

    The universe is infinite and thank God it is. It can hold copious amounts of talent–no limits. And talent does not exist linearly. One writer’s talent does not cancel out another’s.

    Teresa, you are very good, and I love your story. Please come back and finish it. And, I am not saying I love it just because I want you to finish it. But, then you can always read my former comments. to verify that.

    Thanks for sharing a link to the other story. I like it, too, but it does not make me want yours any less.

    • Thank you so much for your support but I am having such a bad day of writing. I can’t make myself snap out of it. Uggghhhh!

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