I am not keeping this theme for long

…I just needed a way to accommodate the links to my story until I’m finished with it and take it off the blog.  The tabs on the previous theme looked “cRazY” and threw the blog out of whack in Internet Explorer.  (Not that I care one bit about Internet Explorer, (Hello, FireFox user!) but other people do use it and I wanted them to be able to access the story without too many problems).

And speaking of the aforementioned story, I have not worked on S.P.A.T (Ha!  That spells spat!) for two days.  (I know; I suck)  It’s all outlined and everything,  but there is still a lot I need to write about Spock.  I am just so busy.  I’m hoping to be hit with an energy spirt (spert? spurt?) sometime around 8 o’clock, but that will require me to get up from this chair and ride over to Starbucks for a evening latte in order to initiate said spurt? (that is a weid word and I have never written it before)… but it is sooo hot in Virginia today and I’ve got the AC blowing down on me at just the right angle…