I am in some serious trouble, folks

I have been working on Chapter 10 all day.

Circle the correct answer.

When I got to page nine and STILL had not gotten to the scenes at the ball, I…

A) had a mild panic attack and spent three hours mindlessly watching Heroes clips at Hulu.com


B) Laid on the sofa for an hour and just stared at the ceiling and wondered where I went wrong while drinking coffee like a fiend


C) Considered scraping the entire story, deleting the blog, moving to Minnesota, changing my name, and pretending that I have never heard of Star Trek before.

Answer after the jump…

You’re all wrong!  The correct answer is: D  all of the above!


4 thoughts on “I am in some serious trouble, folks

  1. Teresa, I wanted you to know how much I’ve been enjoying So Pleasing a Thing! A tough day of writing is not fun, but I believe in you and love the way you tell a story and know you’ll forge on. And I’m not just saying that because I want you to eventually update us on For the Love of Jane, either ;)) Actually, I was checking your site for updates on that story when I saw your new story. Being a Star Trek fan from way back (and I do mean the original!), I fell in love with it. Thanks, again, for your lovely work!!

  2. LOL! Warped minds think alike because I was like, ‘uh huh, yeah… where’s the all of the above option because that is totally my vote’ and then Voila! There it was after the jump. But as June has so ominously stated, Minnesota is not nearly far enough away for you to escape our clutches. Take your time, the greedy horde will still be here salivating for this story or any other (FTLoJ, for instance) that you’re willing to share.

    So, breathe already.

    Thanks! *waves*

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