So Pleasing a Thing: Chapter 6 is up

Thank you all so much for reading.  I can not believe the stats for this story, but I am very flattered by the attention the story is receiving.  I think there are only two chapters left in me.  I’m working on Chapter 7 right now and it just feels like 2 more need to be written.  Chapter 6 is the longest so far and it is also the last chapter that incorporated the pages that I wrote out in long hand.

Actually, the story did have an entirely different direction, and I started to write it out last night, but when I woke up this morning it was screaming at me that it wasn’t going to work.  Perhaps, after I am finished writing it all, I’ll post the canceled chapter and let you decide for yourself.  I hope you continue to enjoy my little story.

ADDENDUM:  (May 26th, 11 pm) Chapter 7 is now up, if you are so inclined…

And now Chapter 8…


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