It is now time to move into Terminator Salvation mode

Slowly coming down from my Star Trek high.  Went to see it tonight one last time before the DVD release.  Man, I haven’t given a film repeat business at the theater since… since… WOW! probably not since Star Wars (remember the 70s when Star Wars blew our minds so much that the cool thing was to see it as many times as possible?)  Yeah, none of you remember that, I’m sure – I’m the only old one here.

Anyway, I’m thinking that seeing it a second time was probably a mistake.  I kept watching it in light of my Spock/Uhura story and kept seeing where I am going wrong; it will require a MAJOR rewrite once I’m done with it.

It’s not totally “off”,though.  Even thoughtI’m writing it in the alternative reality vane, I am approaching it from the original series side, too.  Confused?  Example, Spoke did serve under Pike… for 11 years, not for the 2 minutes the film would have you believe… but then in the alternative… oh, just never mind, I’m making this harder on myself then I should really care.  I should be more like Kirk and just step out on a limb and take a few risks.

I put up Chapter 3 last night and I’m getting ready to post Chapter 4.  This thing is flying off my fingers as fast as my typing will allow me; I just hope I can keep up the pace.


4 thoughts on “It is now time to move into Terminator Salvation mode

  1. *snort* I have chapter 5 in the starting gate, two more in long hand, and the last one nearly complete in my mind. So no, the high is not over just yet. 🙂

  2. I also loved Star Trek–only seen it once though. And for the record, I saw Star Wars a couple of times during the summer of ’77. Luke Skywalker was great, but Han Solo was awesome 🙂

    Actually, the last time I did a repeat in the theaters was with the first two HP movies. My kids were/are serious Potterheads, and I was happy to indulge them.

    • As much as I LOVE all things Potter, I never once repeated them in the theater… now watching them on DVD is something else entirely.

      I also agree with your Star Wars assessment; Luke was all boyish charm; but when you need a grown man, you just need a grown man! (Boy, that sounds way dirtier than I meant it to be)

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