“Hey, wait a minute, I thought this was a Jane Austen fan fiction blog, not a Star Trek fan fiction blog!”

This story is dedicated to Pamala for “encouraging” me to shirk my Jane Austen writing responsibilities in favor of indulging my Star Trek fan fiction writing fantasies (not to be confused with my delusions of writing Harry Potter fan fiction).

I am not even going to try to correct type-o’s, so it will have to taken as it is.  If I start correcting type-o’s and going back to correct spelling and grammar, I am going to be in more trouble than I’m already in concerning  my “For the Love of Jane” story.  Plus, I have already gone nearly insane, just looking up various Star Trek lexicon type facts that I’m a little shaky on.  I mean, I know that Christopher Pike commanded the Enterprise before Kirk, but I always thought (read: knew!) that he had command of it for several years.  The new film would have all the Star Trek newbies “think” that he was only in command for 2 minutes.  But I digress, old school Star Trek fans should not get picky over these “new” Star Trek “facts”. (note the quotation marks)

Anyway, nobody cares… on with the story!

BTW:  It doesn’t even have a title yet and contains spoilers, so,  if you have not seen the film don’t click the link!

“Starfleet hasn’t determined her name, yet.  Either way, I get first crack at a ship in this new class*; might even let me name it.  My grandfather served aboard a starship called Enterprise; that name has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?”

“The Enterprise.”

The Vulcan repeated the name once again, only this time in his head.  The Enterprise.  There was nothing harmonic about the word; humans made such strange observations at times.

Captain Christopher Pike stood, walked casually over to the window, contemplating the rings around Regil VII.

“She’ll be a while yet in the yard; another two or three years, at least-the keel is barely laid.  As soon as this current mission is over, I might take a year off; I owe it to my family—I haven’t seen my sister’s children since–.”

He cut himself off; thus was the life of a Starfleet officer.  Pike turned around sharply.

“Well, that is beside the point, the new ship isn’t the only reason Admiral Comack contacted me.  Apparently, there’s a need for an instructor at the Academy.”

“You are an excellent choice, sir.  The Academy could have no better individual to share his knowledge.”

Pike smiled easily.  The Vulcan was loyal to a fault.

“I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about you.  What do you say?  A few years of teaching irrational young cadets and after that, you will be able to take on anything.  I can think of no better exposure you, for my new first officer.  At the end of their training, we will have our pick of the best young minds in Starfleet—molded exactly as we would like.”

The Vulcan did not blink and registered no surprise.

“Surely Commander—”

“Let me worry about Number One; I have other plans for her—we are talking about you for once.”

“Actually, Captain, I had thought to take a posting on the Farragut.  They are planning a three year mission to Cestes system.  It will be an excellent opportunity for scientific study of that quadrant.”

Christopher Pike flashed an incredulous smile.

“Have you considered that the Farragut can barely make warp two—and that’s on a good day—you’ll spend half your time just trying to get out of space dock”

“Sir, while I am flattered—”

“Flattered?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the ability to be flattered was a human emotion.”

“Sir, I—”

“No, no more demurrals.  You’re the best person for the job and I told the Admiral that you would be “elated ” at the prospect of just such an opportunity.” The Vulcan raised one eyebrow upon hearing the word elated.

Pike continued, “And, what better scientific study could there be other than the study of human beings?”

The Vulcan contemplated Captain Pikes words for several second before saying, “It would seem that you have given the furthering of my career a great deal of thought, sir.”

“Thought has nothing to do with it; I was simply appliing someting you are familiar with, pure logic, Mr. Spock.”


Standing at attention, Cadet Nyota Uhura watched him closely as he entered.  Of course she had read about Vulcans, seen pictures of them, and had even studied a little of their language in her first year at the Academy.  But here was one in the flesh, a highly-decorated Starfleet officer with a sterling reputation and he, she thought, with an excited shiver of anticipation running up her back, was going to be her instructor.

Since she was a schoolgirl she had heard the Vulcan question debated, usually with a great deal of vitriol on one side and animosity on the other.  These gatherings of the old ones in her village usually focused on how the Vulcans had, at first, resisted Terran plans for venturing further into space.  A few of the village elders who had come in contact with them over the years, often spoke of how intimidating they could be or aloof and coldly anti-social.  However, the Vulcan before her didn’t look intimidating, at all, nor did he appear aloof or particularly cold; if she had to guess, based upon first impressions alone, she would have to say that she thought he looked lonely.

As he made his way to the lectern, she took special notice of his movements: straightforward, concise, and even graceful.  He was dresses simply, his dark red service uniform which seemed almost showy against skin with a hint of chartreuse; this was a man who probably did not make sudden movements unless absolutely necessary, then again, he wasn’t exactly a man, was he?

She also noticed that he was exceptionally tall and lean and carried himself perfectly straight; there was no slouching of the shoulders or tired wrinkles to the brow as she had observed several times in the more wizened features of her other instructors.  No, here was a simple elegance of manner and a no-nonsense sense of purpose.

Yet, the hands–the hands seemed strangely out of place–large and powerful, but, from that distance, they seemed to have a beguiling softness about them, as well.  For a moment she allowed herself to wonder what it felt like to actually touch a Vulcan, and, more interesting, what it was like to have a Vulcan touch her.

OK, at this point of the story (due to that last line) I guess I should point out that this IS NOT going to be a bodice ripper.  I don’t write bodice rippers… I don’t even know where to begin to write a bodice ripper.  In fact, to everyone who surfed in randomly on the Star Trek fan fiction tag alone, please know that I write very tame romances… very tame “Jane Austeneque” type romances… the kind of romances where I like to think that everyone in my stories (and I mean everyone) comes to the marriage bed pure as the driven snow.

OK, so, in the new film, Spock and Uhura were snogging on the turbolift.  If the Star Trek people didn’t want to ignite the collected demented imaginations of fan fic writers, they should have had Spock snogging Nurse Chapel on the turbo lift.  I mean, come on, all during the original run of the TV version of Star Trek I kept hoping (and praying) that they would never put Spock and Nurse Chapel together.  It just seemed wrong, on so many levels… especially after he flung the bowl of soup at her when he was in Pon Farr… (OK, Star Trek geek-out moment: ignore me)

Anyway, it just seemed wrong and I could never think of writing a story about those two.  But Spock and Uhura… I will admit, that never once had that possibility crossed my mind; ever!  The movie trailer seemed to actually hint at a Kirk/Uhura romance (which would gross. me. out. even more!)  But Spock and Uhura: Wow, what a novelty – story idea’s immediately popped into my head.

It also doesn’t help that I have now developed a little fan-girl crush on Zachary Quinto.  When he plays Sylar on Heroes I totally hate his guts, but now that I have seen him in Star Trek… well…I don’t “exactly” hate Sylar anymore.  How creepy is that?  Total actor/creepy character/heroic character confusion.  Oh, for the days when actors were type cast and you could think of them as you liked… and I never liked bad boys…other than Han Solo, who, when you think about it, wasn’t “really” a bad boy.

Anyway, more of this story to come… at my leisure, of course… and since I’m off to Boston tomorrow, no posts for a few days…

*Note:  The Enterprise, I believe, is a Constellation Class Starship, so it would not be the first ship in the a new fleet.  I’ll have to check on this particualr fact… (and so it begins)… but we are now in JJ Abrams land, so I could be wrong.

V. tired… 3 am.  Must go to bed!


11 thoughts on ““Hey, wait a minute, I thought this was a Jane Austen fan fiction blog, not a Star Trek fan fiction blog!”

  1. Spock/Uhura fic…. you’ve got me hooked! I’m just tickled that Kirk didn’t get the girl in the movie; I’ve never liked Kirk as a person and the movie didn’t change my mind. Kirk is the kind of guy that mothers warn their daughters to avoid. I’m looking forward to your next post!

    • June: Thems fighten’ words! 🙂 Kirk is my absolutely “favoritest” captain in the whole world. Yes, he’s a piece of work, yes he’s a playboy, but the Kirk character is so dynamic. I’m not “feeling” Chris Pine, as yet. Perhaps after a few films – we’ll see. When I think of Kirk I will always think Shatner first!

      As for fan fic, in my research, I have read on the some of the Star Trek forums that there is some Spock/Uhura fan fiction already out there. Of course, now that I am writing one of my own I never would read it (well, just yet – I have to flesh out the characters myself) Besides, I’m inclined to think that that fan fic is solely based on Spock Prime and Uhura Prime, and that would. gross. me. out.

      In the original series, Spock and Uhura had no interest in each other what so ever. Remember, in TOS, Spock was more of an outcast and people more or less kept their distance. It was constantly pointed out to Spock that “Jim” (Kirk) was his only fiend. However, with these new characters, a romance is totally believable, basically because I have not “bought into” the fact that they are “the real” Spock and Uhura, so, thoughts of them snogging in the turbolift, while very, very, surprising, doesn’t freak me out half so much as it would if it were the originators of those roles.

      BTW: an interesting side note: In the Star Trek continuation world (i.e. books, video-to-film, etc. Uhura actually marries Stonn. Do you remember Stonn from the original TV series, the Vulcan who wanted T’Pring at the Ku-nit-calee-fee… T’Pring was the Vulcan female who was engaged to Spock but rejected him and chose Kirk as her champion.

      OK, so I am the only one who remembers stuff like that. My encyclopedic knowledge of the original Star Trek really scares me sometimes.

      • let’s just say that, given a choice between Kirk and Spock, I would take Spock every time! my favorite Trek captain is Captain Sisko from DS9.

        Star Trek continuation world is NOT consistent, unlike Star Wars which is always consistent because Lucas keeps tight control. with Star Trek books, there is little consistency. I remember one novel in which Stonn died and T’Pring — desperate for money — ended up murdering someone. I remember another novel in which Saavik turned out to be half-Romulan (her Vulcan parent was raped in a Romulan prison camp) and Spock rescued her as a child and became her mentor/parent; but years later, there was a huge Trek novel in which Spock MARRIED Saavik!

  2. WHEEEEEEE!!! Oh I’m in BIG TIME LOVE with this fic and if I have to “delay” my whining for FTLOJ for a little while (mind you only a little while so don’t go getting any ideas) then I’m ALL FOR IT. This was fabulous and would it be greedy of me to beg for more, hmmmmm???? Would it???

    THANK YOU!!!


    • Pamala, you may not know it, but my ego is so big, any hints to write more (no matter how minuscule) constitutes as a binding agreement. Actually I do have more, but it is still in long hand form. I wrote out about 14 pages altogether, and what you see above is only really about 3 or 4 pages of it. Yes, totally your fault! 🙂 But glad you like it so.

      As for the kids… Lord, if anyone ever wanted to torture me and force me to write, just send over kids. I would avoid that at all costs. Half of the time when I am in my writing zone, the neighborhood kids are making such a racket (usually just after I get off work and right before the ice cream truck rolls through) that I really have to bite my lip to keep from going outside to scream at them. It has really more to do with noise levels than anything- I don’t hate kids. I just require absolute silence, with perhaps some classical music playing on my iPod, but when I hear that friggin’ ice cream truck playing some horrible nursery rhyme song, I just go off. OK, so now you think I’m a complete psycho.

  3. Although I’m back to say that I’m in awe of the way that you’re blaming “me” for the FTLOJ shirking, lol. I’m so flattered to think that I could have that much influence over you. Maybe I should send my kids over to take lessons because they don’t seem to listen to a word I say.

    Not complaining, but just saying….

    Have fun in Boston.

    • Whoa! Just checked my stats, Is everyone reading my crazy little Star Trek story? OK, no FTLOJ for you all… 😀

      Hmmm? Upon re-reading it today with a somewhat clearer head than when I was posting it at 3 am, that first part seems really weak. However, I am committed to the whole NANOWRIMO concept of writing by just forging ahead.

  4. I can see what you mean. I write and consume voraciously Jane Austen fanfic, but Star Trek and Spock/Uhura just got the plot bunnies all stirred up! They just work and the movies leaves so much room for excellent fanfic. I also now have a severe Quinto crush, but I think it is Quinto as Spock. I am not even sure I would have dug on Spock so completely if they hadn’t paired him with Uhura.

  5. I love the Spock and Uhura pairing in the movie. It was such a surprise though. I have the complete collection of the original TV Series and never thought to pair them

    • I was totally shocked, too! Like I said before, the new Uhura/Spock pairing doesn’t bother me; pairing the previous Uhura/Spock would; it is too much “out of character” for the characters.

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