“Hmmm?” She says, while tapping her bottom lip,

“I wonder if anyone has visted the New Writing page lately?”


4 thoughts on ““Hmmm?” She says, while tapping her bottom lip,

  1. I visit the new writing page daily and check the cupboard to see if it is unlocked.

    Sadly, I’m still waiting to see something new.

  2. Such a wicked thing you are! But I suppose that that niblet is much better than nothing at all. I’ll practice the calm and try to wait patiently for the rest of it to be posted. Please hurry though. You know how much I ADORE Adele, so can’t wait to read more.

    Did I tell you how AWESOME that tidbit was??

  3. Oh…Thanks Pamela….I didn’t see it!

    After your post I thought that there must be something new so I looked again and still didn’t find anything…so I did a “refresh” and there it was.

    Thanks again and Thanks to you too Teresa!

  4. I read through it (a love to let my writing “sit” for a few days) and half of it didn’t make sense. That little snippet I let you all look at took 5 hours to revise! And there are 10 more pages to go…

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