The first t-shirt has arrived… and more contest news!

YAY!  I am officially a t-shirt impresario.  Here are a few snaps from only moments ago.

pember_tshirt-_1The quality of the shirt is pretty good, not too heavy or too thin.  White was selected basically because it was the cheapest and no troubling image reversals that I had to attempt for it to print on a black shirt.

The printing itself is slightly less than I had hoped.  The text came out fine; its the fine detail in “Pemberley” that I’m a little disappointed with. (the image below is a little blurry)


The windows, Louisa!  Not that I should have attempted (64) window panes in the first place.  I’ll see how they turn out on the screen printed shirts. (this shirt was not screen printed)

BTW:  The contest is still in effect.  And no, you don’t have to guess the real name of the house on the shirt.  I guess that was too hard.  So, I’ll settle with a comment.  If you comment (in either post about this shirt) I’ll put your name in a hat to draw.

I’ll take the last comment at 7pm, April 5th.


8 thoughts on “The first t-shirt has arrived… and more contest news!

  1. The t-shirt looks fun. Where did you get the idea? It seems funny. but the next t-shirt you need is one that says “I ❤ Tilney” because that would be totally too cool for words ( yet i still sit here typing). I would totally buy that t-shirt for my best friend (who really really likes Tilney).

  2. Thanks! I will consider it, although a lot of people seem to like my “Bad Boys of Austen” shirts – I haven’t had much interest in any of the “good” boys like Tilney – you’re the first! Still trying to think up a Darcy shirt, but Tilney is right up there in my thoughts as well. 😀

    BTW: The idea just popped into my head… it’s based on those tacky tourist t-shirts from those tacky tourist destinations all over the country!

  3. Very nice. If I win, I’ll hang it next to my, “I fell for Frederick Wentworth, Lyme 2009” T-shirt.

  4. I’m surprised Marianne hasn’t tried for it–she actually DID go to Pemberley (whatever it’s really named, I forgot)

    I will be dumping Charter eventually, so my email may change. If it does, my cell is .

  5. How about if you made the shirt from Kitty or Lydia’s point of view? My sister, aunt, and uncle went to Pemberley and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

    Or how about “My sister went to Brighton and I had to leave Pemberley because of her?”

    Or… “Miss Elizabeth Bennet visited Pemberley and all I was wearing was this lousy t-shirt” (and it was even wet in the bargain)

    Or… “My uncle and aunt visited Pemberley and I got to see Mr. Darcy in a wet shirt”

    A Captain Wentworth line:
    “I am half agony, half hope…
    so tell me, do you like my shirt or not?”

  6. Susan: Now there’s a shirt I’d happily wear!
    Roxey: Lyme Park or Chatsworth?
    Phia: Lyme Park always stands out in my mind as the perfect Pemberley.
    Wendy: Glad you liked it because you won it!
    Jose: I really liked the last one; don’t be surprised if I steal it!

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