Missing in action

I am behind in everything.

Reading new fan fiction.  Commenting on fan fiction.  Reading blogs.  Commenting on blogs.  Writing blog posts.  Being generally snarky… you get the picture.

You know how it is when you start a new job:  all of your senses are bombarded at once.  Quite frankly, I have been introduced to so many people over the last two weeks that half the time I am in a panic that I am calling someone by the wrong name.   I am reduced to looking at their name tags (surreptitiously, of course… a bonus when one works with the military) and looking at the name plates of their cubicle.

Then there is the ton of new software I have to learn: five kinds of ways to store a document… and NONE of them involve clicking on SAVE!  Plus, I have no one to teach me any of this… other than myself, so I am reading (and re-reading) the tech manual over and over again… and several of the tech guys keep blowing me off when I call with a question.

Am now back on the coffee (and the Pepsi… just asking for all kinds of trouble)  I have been exceptionally muddle-brained in recent days and I need the caffeine to perk me up.  I expect to be bouncing off the walls by tomorrow.

Now for the positive (are you surprised that there is a positive?) *snort*  Lots of writing on FTLOJ.  At this rate, I should have the next chapter ready to post by weeks end (of course, I say that now; anything can happen over the next few days to put me off the idea)

Haven’t forgotten about the t-shirts.  I need to buy a font for the design I’m currently working on (this particular font being quite expensive and me convinced that it is the only one that will work)  But now, with spring arriving, it is the perfect time to kick off t-shirts in pretty colors.  Plus, keep watching the blog, because in a few weeks I am going to have a contest giving away a few free t-shirts.  More details to come!!!

EDIT: On the “I never win anything” front:  I have won something (at last):  I won two tickets to see Madame Butterfly.  Of course I have no date!  A tradgedy!  Er… me, not the opera.


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