He is not a Rear Admiral of the White, nor was he in the Trafalgar action; don’t know about the East Indies or the vices

By some freak happenstance of fate, I have, apparently, unbeknownst to myself, stumbled into some job of consequence for I am to meet “The Admiral” tomorrow.  And by “The Admiral”  I mean “The freakin’ Admiral” of “The freakin’ Fleet”… a bona fide, genuine article of the 4 star variety.

I know, right!

So tell me this, what does one wear to meet an actual Admiral?


9 thoughts on “He is not a Rear Admiral of the White, nor was he in the Trafalgar action; don’t know about the East Indies or the vices

  1. God, I don’t know what one is supposed to wear–the only advice I have to give is try not to faint 😉

    That’s so cool!

  2. Well, My meet up with the “Big” ADM got postponed, but I did meet the “Little” ADM. Five minutes in and out and a totally wasted outfit. Now I have to come up with another “look” for the other one! Ugh!

    One HUGE bonus, when the ADM sent his “aide” or “Adjutant” or his “Yeoman” or whatever you call them, imagine my surprise when I turned around in my chair upon hearing someone call me “Ma’am” (I know, Ma’am! V. depressing) and there was this unbelievably handsome young man standing there… IN UNIFORM… requesting another meeting time. That was a real Captain Wentworth moment.

    It’s a sickness people. This time next week I’ll probably be over all men in uniform!

  3. I know we better get a good ‘man in uniform’ story written out of all this eye candy, lol.

    I can vouch for the sinking feeling when a v. handsome young man calls you ‘ma’am.’ Especially when you think, ‘hey, he’s right. I AM a ma’am. Bleh.’ It took me forever to get used to my oldest sons kindergarten classmates calling me ‘Mrs.’ I kept expecting my mother in law to be standing behind me, teehee. That situation was only exacerbated because I didn’t use my married name in my earlier profession.

    I’m babbling now, but wanted so much to say, enjoy the beautiful men in uniforms and keep sharing your tales with us.


  4. Pamala, please don’t put ideas such as these in my head because in the last 5 minutes I have sat here composing (yet another) story in my head:

    Anne Elliot, having rejected a young penniless naval Ensign back in her college days, is surprised to find him on the Admiral’s staff just as she takes a new position in the same office. Anne, now penniless herself after a year without employment, has to swallow her pride and deal with the now well-known and well-respected Naval officer.

    Ugh! I will now spend the next week (when I should be working!) looking for a story plot in my everyday work activities and imaging the conversations that I am having as coming from Anne and Frederick.


  5. *Lydia snort* And you may get your wish; I’ve been thinking about that stupid story all day – it’s just begging to be written! Ugh! I already have too many other stories I have to write!

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