Three things you rediscover once you are working again

1. Your work clothes feel funny. They seem tight (OMG, have I gained weight?!?!) and confining. I have never tugged… (and tugged… and tugged) so much in my life. No more cookies with afternoon tea for me.

2. People act strange. I know this is only me becoming reacquainted with actual people again and having to actually carry on a verbal conversation with someone other than through a computer keyboard.

3. You don’t know what to do with yourself. I feel awkward and out of place in my new office space. My new surroundings feel surreal and unnatural. The computer feels like it’s in a strange position, the chair is all wrong and the coffee tastes weird.

One bonus though: I work on a military installation and there are, like, men everywhere… OFFICERS!!! IN UNIFORM!  (she says, in manner of Lydia Bennet discovering that the miltia were to be quarterd in Meryton) I wish you could see the gorgeous Naval Officer!! who sits in the cubicle across from mine. I mean, all I have to do is turn around anytime I want during the day to have an instant Captain Wentworth moment!


5 thoughts on “Three things you rediscover once you are working again

  1. …and he is no mere Lt. but a LtCmdr… a SINGLE LtCmdr! I know, right! Now I have to pretend that I don’t like him while, in actuality, I sort of do. You can not drool over your co-workers – it is simply not done. Will have to resist all urges to bake him cookies and leave little gifts on his chair.

  2. LOL! A Captain Wentworth moment! You made my morning!

    Lydia might not like all that blue. She prefers red coats you know!

    The guys jogging by in shorts has its advanages. I don’t know how you get any work done! And meeting Admirals! Ask him if he has met Admiral Croft yet! 😉


  3. Well, I didn’t see the Marines until “after” work. I was leaving and walking down the sidewalk to my car and saw them all running towards me. 🙂

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