The Bad Boys of Austen

I think these “might” actually end up on T-shirts…


Of course, that is if anyone is interested. Does that mean I’d have to set up a Cafe Press store? No, I think I want them screen printed and sell them through Elegant Extracts’ sister site: The Girls Own Paper or perhaps even license them to someone else. Hmmm? Must go away and have a bit of a think.


6 thoughts on “The Bad Boys of Austen

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  2. I checked out Zazzle – they seem comparable to Cafe Press. In my internet research last night (meaning up till 5 am) I saw that Cafe Press uses the JPEG & PNG formats.

    Having working in printing a number of years, I am a bit skeptical of the process as JPEGs & PNGs are raster images – professional quality t-shirts are made from vector images (much sharper) and are screenprinted, which CP & Zazzle do not support.

    I did find an online printer that supports vector printing, the only thing, I would have to pay up front, and I can not, at this time find a way to do this (while unemployed and on a fixed income) If only their were such a thing as Venture Capitalists for the little guy.

  3. That’s what I figured. Screenprinting is the way to go… even though I’d have to set up some elaborate e Merchandising apparatus so people could buy them… which means I would need to inventory them unlike CafePress. Probably more trouble than it is worth.

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