Dreams are a wish your heart makes

Nothing is more frustrating than a dream where you cannot attain your object. My object, or rather “subject”, was some celebrity (who will remain unmentioned because I cannot abide having a crush on a celebrity at my age) who pranced around my school (I have no idea why I was in school) wearing a form-fitting orange sweater that showed off his muscles.

My crush was visiting the school because his wife (who is not his real-life wife) was teaching my class. All I know was that I wanted to rush home and get my crush’s DVDs so he could autograph them. For some reason, there was no time for me to get home, so Amber Tamblyn (I have no idea why she was in the dream) offered to take him a note for me to get him to autograph a head shot (because, naturally, all celebrities always carry around their head shots!)

The dream then descended into frustrated madness where I could not find paper or pen, and when I did find the paper, the pen would not work, or I would lose my pen, or lose my paper, or the paper turned out to be a napkin, and the pen I was using would not work on napkin texture or tear it, but, miraculously, I found a wax laundry marker that would not work on grease paper(?)… And of course, by this time Amber was getting really, really, angry with me for not having my note ready… and then I woke up… really, really tired and angry and out of breath and relieved that the dream wasn’t actually real.

And no, it wasn’t a dream about Colin Firth!


2 thoughts on “Dreams are a wish your heart makes

  1. Umm…you haven’t been on a coffee bender before bed again, have you dear? Although that dream sounds like a kick ass single title romance (that is without some of the scarier bits), so I say SCRIBBLE that puppy onto paper and start writing. Maybe that’s what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

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